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In the upgraded version of Jira (4.2or4.3), we can use it to record the function of the work log. Studied for a long time, that is, can not find the initial estimate of where the time is set, but the remaining work time and time to fill. According to the official website's help document also did not find the suitable solution. The following is a detailed set of methods recorded below to facilitate future inquiries.
1. Open Time Tracking
Log in with the administrator (or with appropriate permissions), and enter the management--> issue--> time tracking. After you have set up your customizations, such as: working hours per day, days of the week, default unit of time, and mode, click Activate.

2. In the permission scheme, add time tracking permissions and set permissions for different roles.

3. In the interface where you expect to set the estimated time, add the time Tracking field. This step is critical, and if you do not add, you will only be able to record the time and time remaining when you log the work in question, rather than setting the initial estimate time. This is why I forgot to set up this step and cause this problem.

In addition, it should be noted that the time tracking mode, if the ' Legacy mode ', you can only at the beginning of the problem creation (estimate time) set up the initial estimate time of the value, in the future process for the issue of the work log, can only fill out time-consuming and can not change the initial estimate time. If you want to modify the value of the initial estimate time at work, set the ' Legacy Mode ' to be unavailable.

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