Juniper Old driver Experience (SRX Firewall optimization) Video course on line

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Juniper Old driver Experience (SRX Firewall optimization) Video course on line

Everyone in the QQ group, the forum often ask questions, many people on the SRX double machine is not very understanding, the actual work encountered too many problems, provoked a little trouble.

For this I recorded a Juniper old driver experience (SRX Firewall optimization) Video course, on-line. Only 9 dollars, a nominal charge, a few days sold more than 50.

The main contents are as follows:


Juniper Simulator use (Windows chapter)

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40 minutes

This section describes the deployment of the Juniper emulator in a Windows environment. Prepare for the study of the experiment.


Juniper Simulator use (Mac article)

17 minutes

This section describes the installation and deployment of the Juniper Emulator under Mac book. Prepare for the study of the experiment.

    • 3

      SRX Firewall Basics

      28 minutes

      This section takes you through the basics of SRX firewall. This chapter is not the point, but it is important as a master firewall.

    • 4

      SRX firewall basic configuration

      16 minutes

      This section takes you through the SRX firewall infrastructure configuration. Master firewall infrastructure configuration content.

    • 5

      Rapid deployment of the SRX firewall

      14 minutes

    • 6

      SRX Firewall dual-machine theory base

      33 minutes

      This chapter introduces SRX firewall dual-machine theory Foundation, understand its special terms and theory, in order to master the dual-machine deployment, operation and maintenance of the preparation.

    • 7

      SRX Firewall Dual-Machine rapid deployment

      23 minutes

      This section takes you to the firewall two-machine rapid deployment experiment, get in the car!!!!! The experiment is demonstrated through the simulator.

    • 8

      The two-machine switching and fault handling of SRX firewall

      31 minutes

      This chapter is for the brothers to play. Two-machine switching and fault handling explained

    • 9

      SRX Firewall dual-machine switching and fault handling operation demo

      23 minutes

      This section SRX firewall dual-machine switching and fault handling operation demonstration, solve the actual work of the two-machine switching operation, fault handling problems.

    • 10

      Two-machine scheme and optimization of SRX firewall

      24 minutes

      This section describes the SRX firewall dual-machine seven deployment scenarios and optimization recommendations, basically to achieve the various network architecture in the work of the wall deployment requirements.

    • 11

      SRX Firewall Dual-machine configuration Optimization Chapter

      26 minutes

      This chapter in the early SRX firewall dual-machine set up a good foundation to do some configuration optimization to solve the actual work of some special needs.

    • 12

      SRX Classic Quiz

      28 minutes

      This course introduces some of the questions in the common SRX.

Hero Tang in the flying production "juniper Old Driver Experience" (SRX Firewall Optimization chapter)

Courses focus on actual combat, theory and practice, around the current network management practitioners of the work needs, with many years of ISP network operation and maintenance scene, personal work experience.

This course is optimized for stand-alone, dual-machine deployment, and configuration of the SRX firewall to address issues in the deployment (this SRX video does not cover VPN, NAT, screen, ALG, and other UTM feature content)

Focus on the practical, experience of the transfer.

Welcome to add Group: 67182271 Norman Tong Technology Learning integrated group All who have heard the course can join!

PS: This course does not provide QQ group technical advice, solutions, information sharing.

My other lesson:

Juniper Introduction and improve the actual combat video courses to provide offline QQ communication, offline troubleshooting, resource sharing

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Juniper Old driver Experience (SRX Firewall optimization) Video course on line

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