LCD TV and Plasma TV maintenance tips

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The Daily maintenance of CRT TV

Often adjust the location of the program to avoid premature damage to the channel key switch.

Do not pull the plug, to prevent high-frequency head or line damage in the machine.

Use less remote control switch machine, shut off the general power.

Thunderstorm weather not only to unplug the antenna plug, but also unplug the power plug to prevent lightning.

Notice the effect of the magnetic field to prevent the TV from being magnetized.

Put your TV on and prevent the distortion of the PCB in the machine.

Pay attention to the heat dissipation of the TV, prevent components overheating damage.

Attention to eliminate some of the use of hidden dangers, to avoid metal foreign objects into the television, such as needles, paper clips, small nails, coins.

Avoid the water into the machine, the TV to stay away from the basin, pots, cups, plumbing and other items.

Coal-burning families should pay attention to the corrosion of soot on televisions.

The remote control should be wrapped in a transparent plastic bag and prevented from dropping on the ground.

Second, the daily maintenance of LCD TV

Avoid burnout inside the screen

Remember, CRT TVs can burn out for long periods of time, as well as for LCD TVs. So be sure to keep in mind that if you do not use, you must turn off the LCD TV, or long time, will lead to internal burnout or aging. This damage, once it happens, is permanent and cannot be undone. So be sure to arouse enough attention. In addition, if the continuous display of a fixed content for a long time, it is possible to cause some LCD TV pixel overheating, resulting in internal burn.

Keep the humidity of the environment

Do not let anything with a damp nature enter the LCD TV. The mist was found to be lightly wiped with a soft cloth before the power was turned on. If the wet part has already entered the LCD TV, the LCD TV must be placed in a warmer and drier place so that the water and organic matter can evaporate. The addition of electricity to the LCD TV with humidity can cause the liquid crystal electrode to corrode, which will cause permanent damage.

Properly clean the surface of the display

If you find stains on the surface of the display screen, use a soft cloth with a little glass cleanser to gently wipe it off, and do not spill the detergent directly onto the display surface. Cleaning agent into the LCD TV will cause the screen to short-circuit.

Avoid unnecessary vibrations.

LCD TV screen is very fragile, so to avoid strong shock and vibration. The LCD TV is almost the most sensitive electrical equipment in the user's home or in the office. The LCD contains a lot of glass and sensitive electrical components, falling onto the floor or other similar blows can cause damage to the LCD screen and the CFL unit. Also be careful not to exert pressure on the LCD display surface.

Please do not disassemble

There is a rule that you should never disassemble a LCD TV set. Even after a long period of shutdown, the CFL converter in the background lighting assembly may still carry about 1000V of high pressure, which can cause serious bodily harm. So never try to disassemble or change the LCD screen to avoid high pressure. Unauthorized repairs and changes can cause the display to temporarily or permanently fail to work.

Third, the daily maintenance of plasma TV

Heat dissipation: High-power production of high-temperature can be seen as the number one enemy of plasma TV, so in the use of special attention to plasma TV cooling.

Screen burns: Because of the long time to play a fixed still screen and make the screen partially burned to create a picture of the shadow, which is the characteristics of the plasma TV itself decided.

Voltage: Conditional on the case should be a plasma TV to provide independent power lines, or to add a stable power supply is also a good choice.

Clean: Regular screen for plasma TV to do cleaning, keep the screen surface bright as the new is also to maintain the quality of the picture a good way.

Moistureproof, dustproof, lightning Protection: Keep the machine working environment relatively dry, do not let the water into the body; when not using the machine, you can consider the use of dust cover, for the plasma and surrounding electrical equipment to configure a lightning-proof socket on it.

Iv. How to maintain TV remote control

When the battery fails, please change it in time to avoid corrosion of the battery leakage circuit board;

Do not allow water or other liquids to soak the remote control;

Please do not let the child play the remote control, avoid breaking the remote;

Do not use solvents or potent chemicals to wipe the surface of the remote control, if there is light dust, soft cloth or cotton yarn dust can be gently dusted, if the surface dirt serious, need to clean soft cloth or cotton dip on the neutral detergent to remove dirt after the natural drying on the line.

V. How to prolong the service life of TV sets

Prevent the picture tube from aging prematurely. The measure is usually to watch the brightness do not open

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