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What is "point-to-point" Display


The so-called point-to-point display is also known as map or Dot by Dot. A simple understanding is that the video source image forms each point of the pixel, which corresponds to the physical pixels of the LCD display device panel.

Test the point-to-point LCD TV through a large image

For fixed pixel display devices such as LCD TVs, only when the video source resolution is one-to-one with its physical pixels can the desired image quality be displayed, regardless of the definition or sharpness. If it cannot match one of them, the image will be blurred and blurred, similar to the effect of the photo without focus or shaking hands. It can be said that the effects of point-to-point and non-point-to-point are very different. Point-to-point has a huge impact on static images, especially when reading text, it must be point-to-point. Otherwise, you may not be able to see the text clearly. Point-to-point also has a negative impact on dynamic images.

Scanned Images are blurred (no point-to-point)

At present, the mainstream LCD TV panel physical resolution in the market has two main indicators: 1920x1080, 1366X768. For example, the physical resolution of 1366X768 indicates that its imaging device has 1366X768 pixels. At the same time, pixels are also the basic units of the image. A 1920x1080 resolution image indicates that the image consists of 1920x1080 pixels. Only when the resolution of an image or signal source is exactly the same as the physical resolution of the TV can their pixels be mapped one to one (point-to-point display ), this allows the TV to display an image that exactly matches the source image.

How to "point-to-point" Display


First of all, in the connection mode, we only consider the components, VGA, DVI, HDMI point-to-point, as for AV, S-VIDEO and other low-end interface point-to-point is no practical significance.

Hdmi hd interface on TV

Second, whether "point-to-point" is also related to the support of the driving circuit processing of the TV itself. It may be necessary to manually adjust the TV itself or the signal source machine to make it point-to-point, if the full screen display, display, and proportional display are available in some LCD TV menus, most LCD TVs can be point-to-point in high definition, some LCD TVs can also adjust the image banners in the menu. Undoubtedly, this LCD TV can also be point-to-point. Some LCD TVs may not have so many options, however, the point-to-point feature can be automatically implemented without any adjustment. The driving circuit performance of LCD TVs is described in the Manual.

Graphics card with HDMI Interface

Third, from the computer perspective, the choice of display is also very important, the point-to-point perfect connection with LCD TV graphics card is best with HDMI interface, then you can consider a lot of problems. However, in order to enable the video card with an HDMI interface, in addition to the need for a dedicated chip, the video card manufacturer also needs to pay a non-fei HDMI certification fee. Therefore, there are currently not many video cards with an HDMI interface.

DVI and VGA Interfaces

4. LCD TVs and computers can be connected through multiple interfaces. Different interfaces provide different image quality, and the best-to-worst arrangement is as follows: HDMI, DVI, VGA, composite image interface, and s-video. Generally, if the resolution of an LCD TV is 1366 × 768, only DVI or HDMI can achieve this resolution to achieve point-to-point display. VGA is a analog interface, because a conversion process is required, the resolution can only reach 1360 × 768, the screen will flash, but also close to the high-definition point-to-point display, in a specific situation, it is enough to debug to high-definition point-to-point. Some people say that the S terminal can also be connected. However, using the S terminal port is too bad. We recommend that you do not consider this.

Fifth, it is also important to adjust the resolution, update rate, and timing clock of the video card to the most suitable LCD TV status. Because most LCD TVs use VGA or HDMI, the maximum resolution or optional resolution that edid returns to the video card is the main factor for directly selecting a resolution of 1366 × 768, because the graphics card does not know the physical resolution of the LCD TV you connect to, and now the manufacturers are using a complete set of solutions that you have bought, write your own edid information or simply did not write. With the PowerStrip software, we can read the video card or what resolution windows thinks this TV should use. Some netizens think that using PowerStrip can damage the hard disk of a computer or reduce the lifetime of an LCD TV. Therefore, it is not recommended. In fact, the author believes that any mechanical work for a long time will speed up the wear and tear, so there will be damage, it is difficult to investigate whether the PowerStrip software is caused, so whether to use the PowerStrip software is just wise.

"Point-to-point" purchase suggestions


A. if you purchase an LCD or plasma TV, you do not need to consider point-to-point issues to watch DVDs and cable programs;

Connect to xbox360

B. if you purchase an LCD or plasma TV to connect to a high-definition set-top box, HD DVD, BD, xbox360, PS3, or HD player, you do not need to consider point-to-point issues;

C. if you purchase an LCD or plasma TV to connect to HTPC and watch the HDTV program downloaded or burned over the Internet, you do not have to consider point-to-point as long as the video card supports 1920*1080 HD output, because any flat-screen TV can receive 1920*1080 images, in addition, the zoom circuit of the flat panel TV actually processes the 1920*1080 to the point-to-point display signal of the 1366*768 TV panel.

D. If you buy an LCD or plasma TV for computer display, you need to consider point-to-point issues. before purchasing a flat panel TV, first, make sure that your computer's video card supports 1366*768 signal circuit output, and you know how to operate the computer, will use PowerStrip, and ensure that there is sufficient time for testing and tuning.

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