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Vissumo is a company that manufactures the next-generation touchscreen, and the name is now being used just from the infini touch, and our mission is to design an excellent logo and business card.

    • Design Main

Vissumo began to worry because they felt it was difficult to express Vissumo's technology product concept by simply using a picture, a tag or some combination of words.

Finally, the design Vissumo from the font itself, because Vissumo seems to be an interesting, simple name. Of course, design has to start with the simple (like Google), and from the simple light (such as sun).

    • free to create

    • draw up a sketch

    • LOGO Scheme a

The design from a visual point of view, is a cut across the logo text, and its surface divided into two layers. The upper layer represents "finger", while the lower layer implies "technology touch screen". Of course, the obvious white scratches do not completely separate words, but in the "V" word to stop, meaning Vissumo can drive crossbow technology power.

The text uses the H&FJ Verlag Black font.

    • LOGO Scheme two

Program II focus on visual design, Vis and "visual" connected to the implication of "visualization", with the company's products coincide; "SUMO" reflects the size of the company's products, also implies the quality of the product.

The text uses the knockout sumo font.

    • color scheme

Using a lot of different colors, the final comparison is towards a red or blue scheme, but because the main competitor 3M Touch Systems uses a red flag, so finally we chose the blue scheme.

    • website Logo effect

    • Vissumo's business card effect

    • black and white effect

Finally, let us pray for the Vissumo to go further and farther.

From the above logo design, we can see that a good logo design, there are three main aspects of understanding:

First, the logo and the company concept, or even product contact degree.

Second, the use of different fonts, meaning to provide a variety of options.

Third, fully understand the competitor's logo attribute, make the main difference.

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