Logo Design Theory: the application of triangle in logo design

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Article Description: The triangle of the flag.

Left is old flag, right is new flag

If the logo is formed using a few letters, you may first think it is Vava, but the figure is a sign of Viva.

Viva, a music and entertainment channel for German television, was launched in 1993, and its programs included music video to various American sitcom (such as "Friends"), and Viva was founded by a private company, which was acquired by MTV European companies in 2004. Its programmes are also exported to Switzerland, Austria and Hungary, Poland and the United Kingdom. In January this year, Viva released a new brand image that was designed by the design staff of the MTV European Company.

As the first sentence says, you think the letter is Vava, but it represents Viva, this is actually a fairly confident (or conceited) expression, the original logo is a bit of a reservation or guilty, so the second letter using a white triangle to express, and the new logo, Just assume that you're not going to be wrong about their brand name. Of course, the brand is familiar to the local audience to what extent, it is not good to speculate, but in any case, this would rather let people mistakenly read and do not give up the integrity of the structure of the method is indeed uncommon.

Since this symbol is a symbol of the German television station, so for some people, it will be more sensitive to this, if someone think that this triangle structure, reminiscent of the Nazi used to distinguish the prisoners in the concentration of the use of the triangle, the following figure is the prison camp inmates of the color triangle, Different colours represent a distinction between the types of characters or characteristics of this prisoner:

But the triangle is a very ordinary shape after all, such association, I think is over read. This is reminiscent of the Nazi-related signs, we should be familiar with the domestic one, is the Chinese brand name products and the Nazi SS logo:

From the designer's point of view, I also do not think that the designer of Chinese brand-name products will deliberately imitate the SS logo, this can only be a coincidence, but from another point of view, such as the export of products with this logo exported to Israel, how other people think, this is a problem, the conflict, some of which are unexpected.

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