Microsoft detailed new chart layout features in Word 2013

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The layout option button can quickly edit the overall layout of the chart insertion position and manner.

Layout Options buttons When you insert a picture in a document, a layout button appears to the right of the picture, which inserts any type of file, such as any pictures, videos, SmartArt, and other text-free parts.

At the same time, Microsoft provides several default file choreography mode, and can be set to the default. Just right-click the layout option and click "Set as Default" on the operation. The next time you insert a picture, chart, or SmartArt graphic, it will use the default inline style.

Click the Layout button to display the position of the picture in the document. And you can edit the picture, the picture around the circle of hollow points, you can adjust the size of the picture or rotate the picture angle.

Second, live layout real-time observation of the new layout of the editing effect.

Live layout is the new version of Word's most popular editing tool, when moving floating pictures, can see the text layout of real-time changes, easy to put the picture into the set article. At the same time, you can resize or rotate a floating picture, and cancel the shadow of the picture.

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Third, the guide line convenient neat arranges the picture.

New word in the design of the reference line, in a page with more than one picture, in order to be able to more easily edit more than one chart, usually we need to arrange the picture on the same line.

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