Moss drip (3): Talking about master pages in Moss

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There are two types of pages in Moss: Site pages and application pages, which use different master pages, and site pages use the

Default.master, application pages use the Application.master. The main focus of our discussion here is

Default.master, because Application.master is not supported by customization.

Default.master the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\template\global\ directory in the installation directory, The relative path referenced in the site is/_catalogs/masterpage/default.master. In Moss

Master Pages can be nested: <%@ master Master=myparent.master%>. You cannot add WebPart areas, but you can add static

State of Wetpart.

The master page has the following main sections:

1. Links, menus, icons, and navigation controls.

Moss has provided us with a lot of encapsulated controls, such as SPWebPartManager, navigation controls, and so on.

2. Placeholder (Named placeholds)

We can use placeholders to add content to pages that inherit from Default.master, and here's an example.

3. Delegate controls

The word is not translated and can be used to replace the contents of the master page.

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