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If we are ready to assemble the computer DIY, then we first need to determine their own needs, confirm the use of computers, and then according to their own budget to determine the price of the machine. In addition to determining the price and performance of the machine, one thing we need to determine is the size of the machine. The choice of host size is mainly based on two reasons, one is to place the host space, the other is a personal preference. Some people like behemoths, some like small and cute things, others can only put down a small host on the table, and some people can put down a large host on the table ... the most immediate factor affecting the size of the host is the size of the chassis and, of course, the board size of the motherboard.

Today we mainly to explore the main board knowledge Literacy, teach you a comprehensive understanding of the Board board, motherboard structure, motherboard specifications, workmanship and jumper knowledge, basically contains all the motherboard knowledge.

  Board Board Type

The main board size currently has three kinds: ATX/M-ATX/ITX, the following is a list.

Board Board Type

ATX: Published by Intel in 1995. As of 2014 is still the most popular DIY a family of specifications, this is what we call the Big board, all kinds of interface complete.

MicroATX (M-ATX): A scaled-down version of the ATX (short 25%). Can be installed in most ATX chassis, compatible with microATX chassis, less than ATX number of expansion slots.

MINI-ITX (ITX): Smaller than microATX, more integrated specifications for ITX chassis, as well as small platforms such as thin client and digital video converter box, keep a pci-e X16 video slot, memory slots for two slots or four slots, to retain the basic expansion, Prices are generally more expensive than M-ATX, other version because the public rarely use less, do not discuss, server board circuit design is too complex, do not understand.

It is necessary to add that the same chip in the Board mini Plate in the performance of almost no difference, this is the current more common type.

  Analysis on the components of the motherboard

The following is an example of an ASUS ASUS B85-plus Motherboard (Intel B85/lga 1150)

ASUS B85-plus Motherboard

1 CPU Slots: Intel slots, Pins on the motherboard, be careful to protect the pins on the motherboard, they are vulnerable and easily damaged by external forces

AMD slots, Pins on the CPU, be careful to protect the CPU on the pins, they are very vulnerable and vulnerable to damage by external forces

CPU Power: As the name implies is used to provide power to the motherboard of the CPU module, mainly to the power supply of +12v power into the CPU can accept the voltage, and purify the current. General CPU power is located between the CPU slot and the rear window interface, some of the relative number of motherboards need to use the L-shaped layout of the power supply module.

Quite a few motherboards will also be in this section to install the heatsink for the power supply MOS tube to assist in cooling and change the appearance of the motherboard.

Motherboard Thermal Module

(2) Memory slot: Memory slot in the middle of an anti-port, this is to ensure that the memory installed in the correct direction and ensure that the correct type of memory installed two functions, so you can not use brute force when installing memory, there are many motherboards will provide additional memory slots, such as dual-channel motherboard to provide four memory slots, General motherboard manufacturers use two color, two black way to identify. If you are only ready to install two memory, you should plug it into a color slot.

The dual channel we are talking about is inserting two memory strips into the same slot with the same color.

Motherboard Memory Slots

(3) I/O Related: Onboard interface, literal translation input && Outputsystem

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