OPENCV Learning Note 1 Configuring OPENCV

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OpenCV is a powerful image and video processing library, code open source, I mainly think that MFC inside the read image and output image is too troublesome, so directly with the OPENCV inside the library function to read, output image.

I'm using a opencv2.4.9+vs2010.


Installation Guide: Here

If you want to see the source code in VS, you can refer to this:

"OpenCV Introductory Tutorial VII" OPENCV source code: Generate OPENCV Engineering solution with OPENCV source compilation

The author of the blog and the opencv3.0 tutorial are worth a look.

Some dry Goods:
OPENCV official online documentation, you can view the API documentation:

Official Tutorials Chinese Course

OpenCV Wiki, very useful

CV Reference Manual, Quick Find function with

Additional configuration issues:

OpenCV2.4.5 and VS2008 Configuration

Win7, VS2010, OpenCV2.3.1 appears: "Cannot start this program because the computer is missing Tbb_debug.dll." Try reinstalling the (GO)

OpenCV 2.4.0+vs2010 robhess configuration (Sift algorithm)

OPENCV Learning Note 1 Configuring OPENCV

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