OpenCV Learning Series (0) Mac OpenCV + Xcode environment setup

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# OPENCV Learning Series (0) Mac OpenCV + Xcode environment setup[-= blog Directory =-]
    • 1-Learning Goals
      • 1.1-Introduction to this chapter
      • 1.2-Practice Content
      • 1.3-related instructions
    • 2-Learning process
      • 2.1-homebrew Installation
      • 2.2-Install CMake with homebrew
      • 2.3-Source Installation OpenCV
      • 2.4-xcode Configuration and Testing
      • 2.5-basic question Answer
    • 3-Information
1-Learning goals1.1-Introduction to this chapter

Because of force majeure (╯﹏╰), recently went to the library to borrow a "OPENCV programming case detailed", ready to learn the use of OPENCV, because the body suffering from lazy cancer, so still want to through the way of blog to urge yourself to learn it, this series will have a weekly (flag flag has been established) ...
This blog is named Zero because it is used to describe how to build a OPENCV development environment.

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1.2-Practice content
    1. Homebrew Installation
    2. Installing CMake
    3. Source Installation OpenCV
    4. Xcode Configuration and Testing
    5. Basic question Answer

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1.3-related instructions
    • I am using a Mac environment, so I can learn the use of OPENCV by using Xcode for my convenience.

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2-Learning goals2.1-homebrew Installation

This online a lot of ~
Homebrew-Installation and use

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2.2-Install CMake with homebrew

Installing the homebrew is equivalent to installing a software steward (command line 2333) that installs most of the tools directly from the BREW command:

sudo brew install cmake //homebrew

The default installation path is:/usr/locat/Celler/
In general, if you have not used homebrew for a long time, he will update the package, so please use the network in good condition, otherwise ... Super slow.
Update homebrew can also be manually:

brew updatebrew upgrade

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2.3-Source code installation OPENCV

First Step First officer net download Source:
Installation can refer to the official web tutorial:
The second step is to compile the source file:

1. cd ~/opencv2. mkdir build3. cd build4. cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local ..5. make6. sudo make install

Here is the simple rough on the steps, of course, I suggest the best to look at the official website, about the CMake parameter settings, confirm that you like the installation method, of course, because of the lazy cancer so I directly installed the official online, and later also easy to find ...
Installation of the whole process in about one hours, it should probably vary from person to person ~

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2.4-xcode Configuration and testing

I have to do my homework before I finish it.

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2.5-basic question answer
    1. For the previous compilation of the source file fourth step, if not can refer to the official solution:
      cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local ..
      Without spaces after-d If the above example doesn ' t work.

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    1. Build OpenCV3.2.0 development environment on MAC OSX10.10
    2. Build a OPENCV development environment on your Mac
    3. Opencv_tutorial_linux_install
    4. Homebrew-Installation and use
    5. CMake those things ~
    6. Some basic knowledge of cmake
    7. OPENCV development environment built on Mac platform
    8. Questions about homebrew use: Error:could not symlink bin/gdb/usr/local/bin are not writable.

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OpenCV Learning Series (0) Mac OpenCV + Xcode environment setup

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