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The new project agency system has brought about changes to the workflow. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively organize enough project consultants to digest the increasing project demands.
Increasing the service capability of outsourcing channels through cohesion is an important part of this communication.

There are also some discussions about how to add value-added services for outsourcing channels through cooperation:
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(Dejun)... said:
Http://prj.csdn.net/projdetail.aspx? Action = & pointid = 566 the contact person and Party A information for this project are as follows:
(Please follow up on this project)
Yun long... said:
Let me check it out.
Is it the CMS project?
(Dejun)... said:
Yun long... said:
I once looked at them and they were not very positive.
(Dejun)... said:
It is an old customer and has released two projects.
Yun long... said:
I will handle it at night
(Dejun)... said:
But I let them go through the deposit process, and they are not motivated.
So I cannot guarantee that they are honest.
Yun long... said:
Well, let me check them out. They asked them to receive emails before they went to work on Monday.
What about the first two projects?
(Dejun)... said:
In the future, overseas projects will be handed over to you for processing.
Yun long... said:
How about the previous two projects?
(Dejun)... said:
Another project should be good. Party A has released three projects. one person was found, but his family was not active, and the other was not found. this is 3rd, and two developers are already involved. they are willing to follow the Deposit Process.
Http://prj.csdn.net/projdetail.aspx? Action = & pointid = 562 [precheck project] Java online video Lecture System
Contact: Mr. XXXX contact information :...
By the way, after you leave a message, you can directly choose to take over the project, so that I can open the secret area for you, including detailed contact information, it is convenient for you to view the content and perform project proxy work.
Yun long... said:
Oh, I keep wondering, why can't I see a secret area?
(Dejun)... said:
By the way, can you see messages from other owners?
It's a test.
Yun long... said:
(Dejun)... said:
Because of the new pre-check mechanism, the system improvement is not so fast. If you promote a deposit project, you can open an account and release and manage the pre-check project in the future.
As you can see, you can. If you open an account by yourself, you can send a message to the recipient and the person who left the message, just like the identity of Party A. This is the real project proxy.
Yun long... said:
What do I need to track now are three projects? CMS, CRM, and video lectures, right?
Well, understand. I will take it seriously and follow it up carefully. Don't worry!
(Dejun)... said:
Okay. It's hard.
CMS project, by the way, is the same party A. and CRM Project http://prj.csdn.net/projdetail.aspx? Pointid = 521. Let's keep track of this customer.
Yun long... said:
I have arranged two colleagues to work with me on these projects.
CVS has been installed and the Administrator is learning (the consultant provides the webcvs service for the outsourcing channel and is experimenting)

2nd days...

Yun long... said:
Haha, I gave me three projects yesterday.
Two contacts
Let's check
(Dejun)... said:
Party a msn of the Java online video Lecture System. XXXX@hotmail.com
It's my friend. He is willing to pay the deposit.
Yun long... said:
Okay, you understand. The consultant has been arranged for this project. He will be contacted on Monday.
First, CRM is from XXXX.
Contact xx
Second Java online video Lecture System
The contact is XX.
(Dejun)... said:
1st, right. He has two projects. Another CMS.
2nd is the old XX, xxxx MSN, xxxx@hotmail.com
Yun long... said:
In this case, we will take the three
I leave a message except for the video.
(Dejun)... said:
Well, there are three. They are all from European and American outsourcing companies.
Yun long... said:
The CMS project and video project are the responsibility of xxxx, and CRM is the responsibility of xxxx. All emails will be copied to you.
(Dejun)... said:
Are both members of your team?
Yun long... said:
Yes. Each person can have up to two projects at the same time.
(Dejun)... said:
Okay. It is very important to copy the email to me.
Yun long... said:(The Consultant recommends that you use the CRM system to manage project tracking for outsourcing customers and agents)
Okay. If possible, we will install sugar CRM to record the process and check the three projects.
(Dejun)... said:
Sugar CRM is a good choice. Suitable for project consultants and project agents.
Yun long... said:
Online consulting coursesIs it possible to organize a version (PDF or CHM)
(Dejun)... said:
Well, I have maintained csdnprepost in an account.
Http://prj.csdn.net/customer/info.aspx? Pointid = 438
Previous articles about the advisor process only explained the meaning, and they were not as intuitive as the operations in this account.
Yun long... said:
I'm checking in. Good Monday study, haha!
Payment of information renewal fee? How much?
(Dejun)... said:(The information service fee is the basic guarantee for the project proxy work ,)
500/month, 1200/3 months.
You are introducing your business model.
What do you think I will do with the project proxy package of the outsourcing channel?
You can do the projects on your own.
Other projects should be organized by other consultants.
Yun long... said:
Let's talk about it. I want to train my consultants.
Now we are focusing on two training courses.
Next week, I will register an account for the development team.
Is to record some content
(Dejun)... said:(Explore business process outsourcing-Project Agency's organizational work supercrm)
I think your Suger CRM auxiliary tool is consistent with what I think.
How to efficiently complete the project proxy work is also a "difficult" problem. It is better for me to outsource this business process.
Yun long... said:
Is there a server? If yes, I will have them remotely install it tomorrow.
Outsourcing is acceptable to us, but we are sure that
Requires at least one person to be full-time
(Dejun)... said:
There are servers. We can all support what we need.
Yun long... said:
Okay, let's install it and use it with all the consultants.
How is it?
(Dejun)... said:
I can raise a person with you. Then, you can make a part of the project profits that the project agent can make up.
Okay. I need a Suger CRM server on Monday. I should have installed one on csdn.
Yun long... said:
Yes. The role of this person is project management, not a consultant, and the cost is not high.
(Dejun)... said:
Yes, project management is required.
In a workflow"Supervision".
Yun long... said:
What is the initial cost?
(Dejun)... said:
It depends on how many projects he can complete.
Back on Monday, I calculated how much energy a project would need to "supervise", and then we shared it with each other.
Yun long... said:
Well, I am looking for
(Dejun)... said:
This is in line with the spirit of outsourcing, professional people do professional things, you come to manage, I rest assured.
Yun long... said:
Trust, ha
(Dejun)... said:
On Monday, we met these two tasks: 1 = Suger CRM, and 2 = project-supervised cost accounting.
Yun long... said:
Yes. The sugar server is available. I will arrange for people to install it on Monday.
I will wait for your message for the supervision, and there will be a basic accounting here.
(Dejun)... said:
Okay. Improve the service quality of csdn outsourcing channels. 

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