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Many friends say that they do not have the basis of painting, do not know how to draw a beautiful picture. The mixer Brush tool developed by Photoshop CS5 makes it easy for people who don't know how to paint to draw beautiful pictures.

If it is an art professional friend use it, it is even more powerful.

Mixer Brush Tool? When you first hear the name, you may not know what it is, so practice it. We found a picture of the scenery and turned it into gouache style.

Find the mixer Brush tool on the sidebar as shown in the figure. A strange little window appeared, and inside was a paintbrush.

If you click this window, you can change the attitude of the brush, for example, let the flat brush rotate an angle, in the painting, you can twist the pen to change the effect of each direction.

If you are using only the mouse, the brush will move in real time when you click Drag. I use a professional drawing pad, so Photoshop CS5 automatically senses my brush state, including tilt angle, pressure, etc.

and show it in real time in this preview window. Using the brush in the lower right corner of the screen, you can find that the new software to the drawing board support has been upgraded, we can use side-front to paint a large blur of color,

You can also use the nib to draw a clear stroke.

Click the Brush preset button on the property bar to open the Brush drop-down list. We can find the brushes we need here. You can see Photoshop CS5 a few special drawing pens for us.

To make it clearer, I set up a larger preview here.

Do you see those pen-painting brushes? Using these brushes, we can easily draw the effects of various styles.

The Toggle Brush Panel button in the property bar lets you open the brush panel and make it easier to select the brushes you want.

The current Brush load button to reload or clear the brush, and we can also set a color here to mix it with the color we apply.

The concrete mixed results can be adjusted by the values that follow.

The two buttons, "load the brush after each stroke" and "clean the brush after each stroke", control whether the brush is updated and cleaned after each stroke finishes.

It is similar to the artist's option of cleaning the brush in water after a stroke of painting.

In the "useful mix of brush combinations" Drop-down list, there is a preset blend brush for our Adobe engineers. When we select a mixed brush,

The four selected values on the right automatically change to a preset value.

Let's take a look at the effects of the rest of the options on the property bar:

Humidity: Sets the amount of paint picked from the canvas;

Load: Sets the amount of paint on the brush;

Blending: Setting the proportion of color mixing;

Traffic: This is a common setting for previous versions of other brushes to set the flow rate of strokes.

The effect of enabling airbrush mode is that when the brush is depicted in a fixed position, the brush will always spray the color like an airbrush. If you do not enable this mode, the brush will stop flowing out of color only if it is painted.

The effect of sampling all layers is to treat them as a separate merged layer, regardless of the number of layers in the file.

Drawing sheet pressure control size option, when we select the normal brush, it can be selected. At this point we can use the drawing pad to control the pressure of the brush.

New options for quickly selecting colors are added to Photoshop CS5. Press the Ctrl+alt+shift, press the right mouse button, you can find a shortcut color picker.

At this point we can choose the color we need, without having to click the foreground color to pick colors in the color picker, which is very convenient.

We can also use this method to quickly find the colors we want, not just the mixer brushes that can choose the color, but other tools that require color.

Let's practice and see what kind of effects the brushes will draw. Use the same picture, respectively, "dry" and "moist" two mixed types of painting.

The method is drawn from the inside of the windmill using brush side fronts. As you can see, more dry brushes retain our custom colors, while the more moist brushes can be viewed from the screen

Take out the color you want. You can think of a brush as a touch of water, the more wet the pen, the more the color of the canvas will be turned on. Another strong effect on the color is a mixed value, high mixing value,

The lighter the original color of the brush, the darker the color you get from the canvas.

Press the CTRL+J copy layer, hide the upper layer, we choose "fillet low hardness" brush, blending options: moist, deep mixing, using side-front in the screen brushing. Can be very simple to brush off the house,

Draw a large area of background. This method is very suitable for CG authoring when given a background. Because we no longer need to adjust the color, all colors can be picked up from the screen. We don't even need a fine image,

A very small image, we zoom in, and then use a mixer brush brush, is a good picture.

I have a very practical and simple way of mixing the background with the foreground.

Add a transparent new layer to the top, tick "sample all layers", display the original image you just copied, and then paint the details.

When you're done, hide the original artwork and you can mix the details with the big background perfectly.

It takes only a few minutes for a picture to become a gouache.

Do not need to study perspective, do not need to learn color, as long as the observation of other people's paintings, you can create a very beautiful picture, come and try it.

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