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Photoshop is a very important and powerful tool used by Web designers to make web designers work efficiently and conveniently, as well as provide practical technology for designers ' unrestrained imagination. After the design of our web designer, we need to convert it into a Web Form file, generate HTML and CSS, but there is no such efficient function in Photoshop, but fortunately we can use plug-ins to achieve it. The Photoshop plugin can expand our Photoshop infrastructure to make him more powerful and professional.

Today for you to collect some for the web designer is very useful Photoshop plug-ins, including: PSD conversion HTML plug-ins, CSS3 generation Plug-ins, grid system plug-ins, Picture Wizard Plug-ins, screen resolution Plug-ins, Web font plug-ins and so on. Hope to help you in the actual project.


The free Photoshop plug-in based on the cloud can turn Photoshop layer effects into CSS3 code. You can CSS3 complete code output for some of the layers ' effects (such as shadow, glow, fillet, gradient, and so on).

Cut&slice Me

This is an efficient map plug-in, you can make a good mobile phone app file, directly output into the iOS, Android, PC format, but also automatically named (the specific operation can refer to the official website introduction). The image format is in PNG format, and you can also specify the size. You can even export all of the buttons ' status (default, click, pass) pictures at the same time.

In addition, you can use this plugin to solve the retina display image amplification and narrowing problems.

No more Banding

This is a very simple Photoshop action. After selecting the corresponding layer, select the action, and then press play. The file will be converted to a 16-bit PNG file. And this action can effectively solve the gradient tool color is too soft problem.


This widget provides a very convenient way to generate pixel-level guides (bars, lines, centerline), eliminates the hassle of calculating grid values, and you can quickly pull out guides as soon as you enter the values you define in the plugin panel.

Web Font Plug-in

This is a font management plugin that makes it easy to use fonts that are popular in the world. You can also use 500+ fonts by using Google Web font.

Expanding Universe toolset for managing screen resolutions

This is a designer-oriented screen resolution management tool plug-in. It contains a set of Marquee-tool presets (rectangular marquee) that are applicable to common resolutions and can cover the ratio of fixed screen resolution size and availability for a small number of best resolution and uncommon ratios. Through this plugin we can easily solve the problem of different resolution of the web design.

Generate CSS positions for sprites

A widget that allows you to derive image flattening techniques based on your CSS documents. This plugin will generate a file that contains all the icons that are used in CSS sprites.


CSS Hat is a plug-in that converts Photoshop layers into CSS code by a single key, and can run on both Windows and Mac systems at the same time.


With this plug-in, you can implement PSD to HTML in the quickest way possible. Greatly narrowing the distance between the design and the code.


Webzap is a Photoshop plug-in that simplifies the creation of layouts, styles, and forms of components. Provides features and tools not available in Photoshop to help Web developers simplify design work.

Hope for everyone to help, if you have good things, you can share with us OH

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