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Chrome plugin (Extensions) Development strategy

Directory Why do I need Why Chrome? What to prepare How to get Started Page Action Chrome plugin Structure Learning materials My example Debugging Debug Content Scripts Debug background

Android Small plugin Framework Source analysis

Android Small plugin framework Source analysis Directory OverviewSmall how to usePlug-in loading processAreas to be improved I. OverviewSmall is a very concise written plug-in framework, engineering source location:

Wordpress plugin development resources

Plugins are tools used to expand WordPress. The WordPress design is streamlined to get the most flexibility and the least core code. Plug-ins can reject user-defined functions and features or add required details. This article includes the list of

Personal blog How to do a good job in the chain between articles and articles

Personal SEO Blog involves technical knowledge sharing, we found that its page browsing time than the general site long, bounce rate is also much lower than other types of sites, if we can do in the article in the chain set, then I believe that the

Chrome plugin Development (i)--Create the first chrome plugin

Recently in the development of a chrome plug-in, found some articles on the internet, although according to the article can write the corresponding example, but to carry out the actual development, found that there are many articles do not have pits.

jenkins--application--plug-in using--extended e-mail Notification Plugin

This article is part of the Jenkins Application system article, most of which comes from work and learning practices, some of which are from official documents and netizens ' articles, which are quoted in the "References" section with original links,

[Linux Utility]munin-node plugin configuration and plugin authoring

The 2 articles used in Munin are described in the previous article: [Linux Utilities] Installation and configuration of Linux monitoring tools Munin [Linux Utilities] Display of Linux monitoring Tools Munin (Nginx) This time

Share the use of the jquery DataTable plugin in MVC3.0

I saw a very nice jquery table plugin on the web shortly before. Later, there are not many articles that use the plugin in MVC. This article describes how to use the plugin in MVC3.0. Before introducing the plugin, let's briefly introduce the reason

Android Plugin (iii) load plugin APK for resource resources

Android Add-in APK resource resources introductionHow do I load a resource file from an APK that is not installed? We found from the source code of, it has a private method addassetpath, just need to pass the

From 3D Studio Max to Direct 3D: Introduction to plugin Development

If a programmer can translate an artist's work into a real-time 3D environment, the game will be that much better. for program programmers, 3D Studio Max is the tool of choice for pre-calculating and real-time 3D scenes. and, in the opinion of this

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