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In marketing strategies, prices tend to be overlooked, such as in many phenomena repeated in the publicity or advertising mode. However, in order to be clearer, we have to determine the way in which customers pay for products or services that can be done in a pricing strategy. In cases where products are not sold directly to the most users, pricing is often described as "wholesale" and "retail" as sales channels. (Lieru when an industry: brokers, distributors, retailers, individual end consumers), a variety of services can be listed as a diversified definition of price strategy. This strategy will help you create ultra-low cost benefits after you have devised the most advantageous pricing strategy. The commercial market forces you to subdivide your competitors in the pricing strategy, such as the availability of your suppliers, supplies, and how the customer works. ...... Positioning "Focus on your target consumer group" is also an important factor!Pricing StrategyProduct pricing is a variety of strategies. In each different market environment, there are different planning strategies. The development process at some point you have to choose the best pricing strategy to spend. Here are two ways to spend: short-term and long-term sales profit targets, competitor activities, and customer ultimate value. and include the following factors:Calculation of cost: In the early stages of your pricing, you have to calculate the cost of your costs and expenses, and use this approach to help maintain the highest profitability, but it is important to note that the price is likely to be messed up by the customer's expected price and mentality.Competitive Pricing: What is competitive pricing? Different price charges, it shows that there are different competitors, so in the market to observe product segmentation of their products for general analysis of pricing, when you determine the price after the product, then you and your competition on the price will be a comprehensive price strategy struggle.advantages of the price: When you have a unique or rare product that you can provide to your customers, you will have the advantage of positioning the product at this time. So what constitutes such an advantage? How the product is used to the buyer when the buyer buys the product, and the product is unique in the market to achieve the advantage of the product. Continue to price higher on the product. In the product is set at high prices at the same time will give the buyer to the product to create a higher degree of prestige. In the case of a uniquely high product, the buyer has to pay the price because they have no choice. So the product also increased its own value at this time. Of course in the current market the uniqueness of a product is likely to be short-lived, why do you say so? Because the imitation rate in the market is quite high. This will also give this kind of product to carry on a kind of big competition and blow. So how do you guarantee the uniqueness of your product? You must continue to explore the needs of customers, technical follow-up, to help customers achieve a reliance on the product a reliability. will not cause commercial customers to your product a loss of prestige degree.rate of penetration of the price: At this point it is contrary to what is said above, and the low price strategy is to obtain large market amounts at low prices. Because of the popularity and cost of the price, he is also a 5 strategy. This is a low price strategy to make money in the short term. This strategy is conducive to the high degree of sincerity of customers to pay.loss and Surplus mode: The main description of the loss of profit model customers to buy a product and the price you buy at the loss price. Then you can use the loss of the price of the product to carry another product, the implementation of the part of the strategy, often this approach will be a plus one of the way to obtain a higher profit model.Version ControlThis is the kind of products that provide different levels of functionality. Each layer has a different price and includes different attribute bundles. Software and network companies often host this pricing strategy. Trial of an ordinary version or a free version. Newer versions can be expensive.the influence of pricing strategy on networkIn addition to some of the more general pricing strategies, the Internet also affects the choice of the right pricing strategy, so that customers can more clearly understand and more dare to speak. While consuming products, buyers can compare prices to another or large portal site and other service sites. There are many places to discuss the product of the discussion points, discuss the experience provider. For example, if your customer is complaining or satisfied with your product, then he may be able to compliment you on a website forum. This means that customers can not only make better purchasing decisions before, but also better rumors (compliments and complaints) after buying. For these reasons, the more important page also makes the price competitive for you, you still keep your sanity and competitive pricing behavior!

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