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My colleague recommended an online article to satirize the term "Real estate promotion. We may have seen some in the market, and I have collected some more. Let's explain it a little to ease the pressure in the economic downturn and ridicule my peers.


Remote location --------- stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a quiet life

Suburban towns --------- return to nature and enjoy the idyllic scenery

Close to downtown --------- busy city

Close to the foul water ditch ------- out-of-the-box water bank name, the upper hand on the water

Digging a pool ------- Oriental Venice, interpreting romantic Customs

Digging a gutter --------- hydrophilic mansion

Water Flow --------- stacked water landscape

High terrain ----------- wide view, overlooking the city

Low terrain --------- stacked table views, warm in winter and cold in summer

Exterior Paster ------- cross-region Style

The roof is round ------- Baroque style

The roof is sharp ------- Gothic style

The roof is flat ------- view terrace

Bad apartment type --------- personalized design, keeping up with fashion trends

Strange planning solution ----- break the tradition

Small floor spacing --------- close neighbor, harmonious and warm

See a sea-Invincible Sea View

The edge is a desert lawn-huge green, full of green eyes

There is a park on the edge-the house embraced by the park

There is a bank on the edge ----- close to the Central Business District

There is a neighborhood committee-the core landmark of the central government affairs area.

There is a school on the edge-a strong cultural and academic atmosphere

There is a clinic on the side ----- embrace health and enjoy life

There is a small supermarket on the edge --- busy downtown

There is a big supermarket on the edge --- busy

There is a large mall on the edge-adjacent to LV

Lack of commercial support for projects-pure residential communities

There is a five-star hotel on the edge-core area of the CBD

There is a four-star hotel on the edge-Rear CBD

Samsung hotel on the edge --- extensive CBD

Budget hotels on the edge-vibrant

There is a clubhouse ----------- supporting luxury houses, enjoying the elegance of the bankers Club

No club --------- simple life, new metropolis

Water Equipment ------- Green House

Centralized Heating ------- energy saving and environmental protection, leading the times

Underfloor heating --------- Korea's leading technology

Column radiator ------- Nordic style

No heating --------- free heating system, saving heating costs

With a fireplace --------- European style

No fireplace --------- self-built fireplace, flexible space layout

No elevator ------- bungalow

Elevator ----------- two ladders and two households (including stairs)

Door guard ------- housekeeping service

No security guard at the door ------- harmonious neighbors

Next to the subway line ------- first-line life

Close to subway exit ------- three-dimensional transportation

Many bus --------- transportation hub, sitting in the bustling city

No bus --------- private territory, sitting in appreciation Space

Far from the main road ------- all you can hear is "quiet"

Next to the main road ------- you can only go anywhere

Close to affordable housing --- the municipal conditions in the region will be improved soon

70/90 project -------- exquisite three residences, unlimited creativity

Non-70/90 project ------ noble community

Having a study ----------- having knowledge and the world

No study --------- network life

Made a model room ----- experiential marketing

Accumulated customers do not sell-Ready to go, debut

Price increases when there are more customers-highly sought after

Non-stop discounts ------- return to customers

Continue selling and discounts-return to society

The salesman explains every day --- receives the customer

Lead to explain to customers --- Product briefing

Customer online data query-all online comments to us

Internet access by industry insiders-municipal Adjustment

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