Review of Design works: key points of various forms of review

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Article Description: let's make the design review more violent!

Happy designers have their own happiness, "unfortunate" designers have the same bitter force-design review.

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Design Review is something that every visual designer has to go through, and not a designer who is not a very strong design reviewer. Does the image below look familiar?

OK, here we go. This is the main content of this article:

1. About Design Review and its purpose

2. Form of Design Review

3. Process of Design Review

4. Analysis and adoption of design opinions

5. The designer's attitude towards the review

1. About Design Review and its purpose

Q: Design Review is a god horse?

A form of communication that exists to solve design problems. The design review is initiated by the designer.

Q: What is the purpose of the design review?

Let the design draft people agree on a consensus.

No matter what the comments on the design draft, the final evaluation results must be consistent, clear, operable.

2. Form of Design Review

The design review consists of various forms, roughly divided into:

A. Review of meetings

Features: Formal, strong.

Applicable: Key projects involving a large number of people.

Note: The relationship is present, the length of the meeting is controlled, and the results of the review are output;

Recommended degree: ★★★★☆

B. Face-to-face review :

Features: flexible, not subject to site restrictions, high efficiency.

Applicable: Various small and medium sized design projects

Note: Control time and output review results; the designer should not sit around, should be standing with everyone to discuss the design draft.

Recommended degree: ★★★★★

Have you found what the designer of bitter X has in common? Yes, they are all sitting and pointing at the gods. Sit only be round of part, hurriedly stand up to put!

C. Mail review

Features: Formal, open, have records to query, but inefficient.

Applicable: All kinds of design projects, generally as a review of the launch and end of the tool.

Note: Email reply in time.

Recommended degree: ★★★☆☆

D.RTX Review

Features: flexible, not subject to site restrictions, high efficiency; But messages are easily overlooked.

Applicable: All kinds of small and medium design projects.

Note: Follow up the group message in time.

Recommended degree: ★★★☆☆

Common features of various forms of assessment:

You must know all the people who are related.

Key points in various forms of review:

Hold the Initiative

3. Process of Design Review

1. Send and review mail;

2. Set aside at least half a day for the relevant personnel to propose changes;

3. To convene a review meeting at an approximate time;

4. Summary of review (required) at the end of the review meeting;

5. Reply The review mail, attach the review meeting minutes;

6. Make a face-to-face review after the completion of the modification;

7 .....

8. After the review through the review of mail, Product Manager Email confirmation, the designer of the work file to the server archive;

The above is a formal, complete review process, the actual work will be flexibly used in accordance with the situation.

4. Analysis and adoption of design opinions

In the review process, each role will start from their own position, the design of the draft made a variety of comments and suggestions,

Do you think your head is big? We need to know where the starting point of a project's various positions is to judge the design manuscript:

Visual designer:

Visual beauty, design sense, whether the high, whether there is innovation.


Can be quickly implemented, CSS style can be unified, the impact on the speed of the page load.

Interactive Designer:

Whether and interactive draft experience consistent, the plate is clear, button links and other visual elements are consistent with the interactive specification.

Product Manager:

Whether the new function point is outstanding, the design atmosphere accords with the psychological anticipation very much. The overall effect and the comparison of competing goods. Design of the data after the impact of the online.

Project Manager:

The balance of cost, time and quality is considered synthetically.

Development & Test Engineer:

Whether there are any additions to the new function points in the design.

We need to analyze the root causes of our opinions and solve problems with a professional attitude.

5. The designer's attitude towards the review

Negative mentality:

"The product is the turtle", "All is the head is not civilized", "Lao Tze's work does not want you to tell a finger".

Health mentality:

Rational, open, positive, professional.


Throughout the review process, designers have always been in the lead, from the launch of the final review, the designers should be active participation.

May each designer no longer because of the design review and bitter force, and then live a happy life ...

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