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With the development of the Times, the Internet has become a necessary product of life, especially young people, you can not eat or drink a day, but certainly not a day does not surf the Internet. The emergence and development of search engines has created a new era of network, the acquisition of young people's knowledge is mostly derived from the Internet search engine. Moreover, the search engine for the enterprise, is also an opportunity, the enterprise can completely through to the development of the search engine to achieve traffic increase, customer increase, benefit growth and other practical benefits.

At present, the use of search engines for enterprise promotion cases abound, but there are many enterprises did not grasp the use of search engine marketing strategy, and can not effectively carry out the optimization of corporate website promotion. This article, focus on how to use search engines to optimize the Enterprise website promotion and marketing.

 Corporate website search Engine marketing Strategy:

 First, bid promotion

The point to be noted is that, like the name, bid promotion is paid, usually expensive.

Pay Auction Promotion: the promotion is the enterprise's products, services, etc. by keyword in the form of the search engine platform for promotion, enterprises in the purchase of the service, through the registration of a certain number of keywords, the promotion of information will be the first to appear in the corresponding search results of netizens. The so-called pay promotion, in fact, is enough to buy search engine keywords, so as to reach the top of a way.


1, bid to achieve the ranking effect is fast, generally from the start to pay to stop paying, ranking are all by the front;

2, through the bidding of the keyword parts difficult degree, generally as long as the pay, you can reach the top of the keyword;

3, the key words are not limited, generally do the bidding promotion, as long as it is related to the business scope of the key words can be carried out;

4, this mode of promotion according to the user's search volume and the amount of clicks paid, if no click is not paid;

5, bidding is a precision and efficient mode of promotion.

Second, SEO search engine optimization to promote

SEO Search Engine Optimization Promotion: is the use of artificial means, through the use of search engine rules to improve the Site keyword search ranking of the promotion means. Efficiency is lower than the paid bid promotion.


1, the investment is relatively low. Effective to avoid malicious clicks, because the promotion of SEO is not required to pay, so no matter how the keyword ranking situation, will not be additional charges; In addition, the promotion of SEO can be Baidu, search, Google and other search engine keywords ranking, but do not need additional pay;

2, a large number of advertising coverage. SEO is usually the search engine promotion through the post implementation, in the realization of the keyword rankings at the same time so that the site's information exists in many forums, paste, classified information network, advertising coverage is greater;

3, generally speaking, through SEO search engine information is targeted, users can rely on the information to achieve the purpose of the search. Relative to the keyword information has a higher relevance, content is more in line with user needs.

 Third, Prseo search engine optimization Promotion

Prseo Search engine Optimization Promotion: Prseo is the internet as a platform, according to the status of enterprises, product characteristics and industry characteristics, comprehensive utilization of various network media resources platform for Enterprise Green Soft manuscript optimization, so that the release of soft text to obtain search engine stability of the front-row, In order to achieve effective publicity and promotion and bring the intention of the customer behavior.


1, Prseo and SEM: When the pay ranking keyword Click to pay too high when you can use public relations search engine optimization instead;

2, Prseo and SEO: When the natural optimization ranking keyword is not optimized to the home page can be used in public relations search engine optimization assistance;

3, Prseo the use of news portal Authority image, enhance the brand trust degree.

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