Skype for Business 2015 comprehensive Deployment Series three: Configure Skype for back-end SQL data server

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This post enters the third part of the Skype for Business 2015 comprehensive Deployment series: Configuring the Skype for Business 2015 backend SQL data server. This article takes the server as an example for a demo installation, while the server and both install a SQL Server 2012 database corner, and as a Skype for business Back-end data server. For the article is not perfect, hope in the comment area, thank you very much.

SQL Server 2012 pre-installation Preparation

    • First configure the computer name MYSQL02, set the default IP address, and join the domain environment

    • Installing the. NET Framework 3.5 Features

Windows Server 2012 installs SQL Server 2012 data Server

  • Go to SQL Server storage directory and run SQL Server 2012 Setup

  • Select the "New SQL Server Standalone installation or add features to an existing installation" option

  • Enter the SQL Server 2012 product Key

  • Accept the installation terms, default next

  • Tick the "include SQL Server product Updates" option and the default next

  • Setup supports validation through, default next

  • Select "SQL sserver feature Installation", Default next

  • Check the requirements function, select the Shared function directory, the next step by default

  • Installation rule validation passed, default next

  • Select default instance to add the instance and instance directories. Default Next

  • Disk space requirements, default next

  • Server configuration, default next

  • Database engine configuration, by default Select and add domain management users as required, and can adjust the data catalog as required

  • Reporting Services configuration, default next

  • Error reporting, default next

  • Installation configuration rule passed, default next

  • Ready to install, default installation

  • Installation Complete

  • Verifying the installation and updating Windows Update

  • Configure the server, pre-installation steps Configure the installation to configure SQL Server 2012 until the installation is complete

At this point, both the and the servers are deployed with the SQL corner, and as the back-end SQL data server of Skype for business, data backup and failover functions.

Skype for Business 2015 comprehensive Deployment Series three: Configure Skype for back-end SQL data server

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