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My computer learning process was synchronized with the examination. I took more than 10 computer tests, both of which were successful and failed. The biggest achievement was not afraid of the examination. I have taken level 2, level 3, and Level 4 exams from the computer examination of junior and intermediate titles. I have also taken tests for network programmers, programmers, software designers, and system analysts, I have also obtained an in-service Master's degree in computer science, an entrance examination for master's degree in integrated recruitment, and an examination for self-taught computer science subjects. At the same time, I tried to apply my knowledge to my actual work, designed some small software, and initially realized what I learned.


Computer Learning must go through a process of deepening understanding from theory to practice. Let's talk about my experiences in passing the software designer examination.


Computer and software engineering knowledge in the software designer Examination Syllabus


(1) first, the basic knowledge involves the content of computer hardware, multimedia knowledge, and language knowledge. This is a matter of accumulation and a qualitative leap is finally achieved.

(2) Data Structure Section. This is the first time to learn linear tables, arrays, generalized tables, trees, graphs, search algorithms, sorting, and algorithm analysis. In this part of learning, we need to thoroughly understand the theory, increase the number of exercises, and better combine them with computers to deepen understanding. The data structure is like an internal skill in martial arts. It takes me one to two years to learn the data structure. I mainly use self-taught teaching materials. The theory is to read a book repeatedly. (currently, the data structure of teacher Yan Weimin of Tsinghua University is a classic one.) If possible, you can find other versions of tutorials to confirm each other, the practice of reading a few more books on the same issue can also be promoted to other disciplines.


(3) operating system knowledge, mainly from the perspective of resource management to analyze the implementation of system functions. Suppose you want to design a new operating system, how to implement it? The operating system theory is to gradually introduce and explain it to readers. The focus is on the Implementation and Principles of the five management functions.

(4) Division of Layer 7 ISO/osirm in computer networks and functions of various protocols. Transmission Theory, interconnection equipment, and Internet knowledge, except for reference to model theory, are relatively messy.


(5) system security issues are currently a concern of the society and are also highly valuable knowledge. They can be further understood based on relevant issues in reality.

Informatization and standardization knowledge in the soft exam are new test sites, which are the basic quality tests and must be paid attention.

Professional English, not a software test exclusive, is a professional knowledge + English level, do not need professional preparation before the test, usually consciously read some professional English documents on the Internet.


The content of the soft exam is not only a required course for the undergraduate computer major, but also has a clear focus. This is undoubtedly a comprehensive and in-depth learning opportunity for friends who have not been systematically studied, whether it's self-study or training, as long as you learn it, you will have a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the computer, not just those superficial understandings of the past.


The above is a professional background and a requirement for the basic qualities of software designers.

Professional Competence of software designers


The key to a software designer is the ability to design software. Requirements for Examination Syllabus: Be familiar with software engineering, software process improvement and basic knowledge of software development project management; be familiar with software design methods and technologies; master the C programming language and one of the four specified object-oriented languages. This part of professional competence is heavily dependent on work practices and requires accumulation of experience. It is a reflection of the actual work ability and business level of engineers. However, a large number of students are currently taking the test, although there is no work experience at all, you can still learn from and learn from others to make up your skills.


This part is mainly reflected in the afternoon exam questions. Now we will analyze how to cope with the afternoon exam:

In the last few tests, questions are divided into five questions in the afternoon, one database, one program, and one object-oriented language question, the other two questions are data flow diagram, UML or flowchart.


The database questions must be supplemented with the SQL language. This requires that the examinee be familiar with the SQL language, both in the morning and in the afternoon. This is a key point of study and review.

Data Flow Diagram: DFD is a chart that analyzes the data flow of the system. It is intended to help users understand the functions, inputs, outputs, and data storage of the system. After carefully understanding the application, the function of the system is determined when the data flow diagram is drawn, and further refined to the physical structure. During the assessment, questions are mostly analyzed from the balance between the parent and subgraphs. In this part, the key to solving the problem is to attach great importance to the description of the question. Be sure to have a correct and in-depth understanding of the content, read it several times if necessary, and understand the given chart. In this way, the answer is easily included in the description.

Flow chart questions are not familiar to everyone. They describe the idea of solving a specific problem and are process-oriented. However, the question is very different. Therefore, you should understand your ideas and answer questions carefully.


Program filling is the simplest and most difficult way to answer questions. In order to facilitate marking, this type of questions appear in the form of a program. This requires not only understanding the nature of the problem, but also understanding the author's problem-solving ideas, which is much harder than completing the program design independently. Based on your personal experience, you must first design your own ideas, solve the problems, and determine the order of order. Then, try the program. If the ideas are roughly the same, the problem will be easily solved, if the thinking is different, we should try to find out the functions and logical structure of each piece of code, and then find out the ideas of the proposition person to solve the problem. People often say that the answer is in the question. This is correct. Find the answer to the question. However, the prerequisite is that the examinee must be familiar with the language and understand the problem-solving ideas so as to answer the question correctly.


In recent years, the Unified Modeling Language UML has been examined a lot and has attracted the attention of candidates. It represents the development trend of software engineering and is currently the de facto industrial standard of visual modeling. It is easier for people to understand diagrams than other forms. diagrams can clearly describe and describe the nature of problems. Therefore, UML reflects this feature. The difficulty of such questions is similar to the data flow diagram, and the idea of solving natural problems is also the same. In terms of form, the data flow diagram is simpler, while the questions of UML classes reveal a novel and Modern atmosphere.


The final question object-oriented language is an option that gives the examinee the freedom to give full play to their personal advantages. The proposition has noticed the consistency of the difficulty of examination in different languages, and requires the examinee to answer the same question to realize formal fairness.

Core issues to be tested


The questions in recent years should be highly valued. Questions are the externalization of the examination syllabus and the sorting of relevant knowledge, which directly reflects the intention of the examination. If you can study the questions several times over the years, passing the exam is not a problem. Therefore, an efficient learning method is to first study the exam questions over the years, and consolidate existing knowledge and strengthen the ability through questions. Summarize the different content of the questions, find out your own strengths and weaknesses, and then take the questions to read and find relevant materials, so as to be targeted and targeted. From the perspective of tests, this method may be the most efficient.


The examination is a comprehensive evaluation of the reference person. Each examinee can pass the examination only if he or she answers 60% of the questions. After passing the examination, it means that the end of one learning stage and the start of another learning stage are the detection of the personal knowledge system and practical ability.

My examination experience: it is necessary to study questions in previous years in a centralized manner, and the test confidence should be enhanced. Although the pass rate of the soft test is not high, you must believe in the principle of "Daily rewards.


In addition, I am working on computer learning. My personal experience is not applicable to students, but the learning process is consistent. From ignorance to knowledge, from little knowledge to the formation of a certain discipline knowledge system, further strengthen the ability through practice, this process is insurmountable. Students are more advantageous based on their own conditions, environment, and other factors.

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