Software Engineering-software testing, Software Engineering Software Testing

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Software Engineering-software testing, Software Engineering Software Testing

After the system is complete, it is time to test the system. This must have been the first system of acceptance. We are confident that the system will be accepted by the master. Once it comes to the master, nothing will happen, in addition, some unexpected characters will be input to "Destroy "...... The system is also very powerful in displaying its errors. The more errors there are, the more they will expose their own thinking loopholes. Secretly wondering why they didn't even notice these problems at the beginning, here are a few cases: testers are both technically and ideologically higher than developers. When testing, they can hold on when entering reasonable and unreasonable conditions! According to the soft engineer video, the system test is summarized.

No matter what the system is, it is very important to perform a module test in a timely manner. When all the code is written and then tested, too many errors will not start, in addition, it is not easy to find the root cause of the Error. On the one hand, it will delay the completion of the system, and on the other hand it will bring unnecessary trouble to the test. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct software testing as soon as possible and continuously.

What is software engineering software testing?

Introduction to Software Engineering

1. Professional training objectives

Cultivate basic theoretical knowledge and advanced development technology in the software engineering field, possess software development and management capabilities, and be able to engage in software system analysis, design, development and project management, specialized and practical high-level software design, development and management talents that meet the development needs of the socialist market economy and the information industry.

Ii. Professional Training Requirements

The students of this major are mainly engaged in the basic theories and basic knowledge of software engineering. They are trained in software system analysis, design, development and project management, and have the basic abilities of software development and management.

Graduates shall obtain the following knowledge, abilities, and qualities:

1. Master the solid basic theories and broad professional knowledge in the software engineering field;

2. Have the engineering practice ability;

3. ability to analyze, design, develop and maintain software;

4. Have a strong spirit of innovation .;

5. independent working ability and team spirit;

6. Understand laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights of computer software;

7. Understand the development of computer science and technology.

Iii. Academic System and degree granting

Bachelor of Engineering (4 years)

Iv. Main subjects

Computer Software and Theory

5. Main Courses

Computer composition principle, software engineering, software architecture, discrete mathematics, JAVA programming, algorithm analysis and design, software testing, computer network, data structure, database system, operating system, compilation principle.

Software Testing

Test engineers are generally divided into the following levels: test engineers, Senior test engineers and senior test engineers. Test engineers generally perform the following tasks: Use test tools to test the functions and performance of the product according to the test plan and process, and check whether the product has any defects and the performance is stable; senior test engineers are generally responsible for not only preparing test tools, but also designing and maintaining test systems, preparing test plans, writing test documents, and compiling installation and user manuals; senior test engineers have higher responsibilities: not only can they have the ability of junior test engineers and senior test engineers, but also can analyze and evaluate possible problems in the test solution.

I. Operating System
1. installation and maintenance of Windows operating systems; security management and user management of Windows operating systems; use ghost to back up and restore Windows;
2. aix system introduction/system installation; use of system management tools; software installation and maintenance; system startup and shutdown; storage management; security management; task and process management; system backup and recovery of the tape drive;
3. linux system introduction/system installation; use of system management tools/software installation and maintenance; system startup and shutdown; Storage Management/security management/task and process management; system backup and recovery;
Ii. Program Design
1. Java programming basics, Java Web and J2EE programming;
2. C/C ++;

Iii. database knowledge
1. SQL language and application development technology: DML, DDL, DQL, subquery, multi-Table query, cursor, stored procedure, user-defined functions, triggers, database design;
2. SQL Server database installation and configuration: SQL Server installation and management; SQL Server database backup and recovery;
3. oracle database installation and configuration: Basic Oracle knowledge; installation of Oracle databases on indows/Linux; uninstallation of Oracle databases on Windows/Linux; user management; network connection; database backup and recovery; functions and stored procedures in Oracle;

4. Software Engineering: Rational Unified Process (RUP );

V. Theoretical Basis of software testing
Unit Testing, integration testing, external function testing, regression testing, system testing, installation testing, and acceptance testing; use of version control methods and source code management tools VSS/CVS; BUG Tracing, test plan, test cases, etc.; writing test documents;

Vi. Test Tools
Various tools for system learning software testing, including Quick Test Professional, LoadRunner ,...

What are the differences between software engineers and software test engineers?

Software engineers refer to software development engineers, which are different from software testing engineers. Currently, the employment prospects for software testing are better, and software development talents have reached a saturated state. You can refer to related website //

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