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Audio is a very important element in information transmission, and even a good play without sound is also useless. Therefore, audio technology has been paid attention to during the development of TV. However, compared with the image progress, audio technology development lags behind, so the audio industry workers should work hard.   Skyworth A12 audio Engine Technology

Skyworth has A12 audio engine technology on LCD TV audio, and challenged Hisense, which is dominant in the Chinese market.

The A12 audio engine is an important achievement since the founding of skyworth-SRS joint lab. It is a new audio technology developed based on the principles of digital sound psychology, including digital on-site cinema technology, 360 ° Space surround technology, acoustic orientation enhancement technology, super heavy bass, audio-visual one-line communication, flexible speaker, HD voice, 3D space stereo, USB audio digital stream, digital 12 Audio technologies, including wireless cinema, flat cinema, dual-channel TV cinema, and wow.

Digital field cinema technology is a stereo surround coding system with the latest intellectual property rights of skyworth. Due to the limited thickness of the flat panel TV, it is impossible to have a sound effect as a picture tube TV, but it is more lacking in the bass effect. Skyworth A12 digital field cinema technology converts an ordinary single-channel TV sound into a 5.1-channel loop sound, so that the sound is three-dimensional.

The 360 ° Space surround technology uses the trusurround Technology of SRS in the United States to create a 360 ° comprehensive three-dimensional surround sound effect with two speakers. Ordinary TVs often make people feel that the sound and image are not in the same position. This is because many products are designed to restrict the placement of speakers. Skyworth voice positioning enhancement technology greatly improves this phenomenon, and the sound field can always be around people's front and back. When you close your eyes and listen to large movies, you can even feel the sound of fighting behind you.

SRS-3D space stereo technology combined with human recognition of space and direction, truly reproduce the original sound field of the recording. The super heavy Bass technology can create a large sound shock effect with a small box, making people feel a lower frequency than the mechanical heavy bass, more intense heavy bass shock effect.

The skyworth 42pdahx plasma TV with built-in A12 audio processing system has a standalone speaker and adopts the electronic superwoofer technology. Through the chip-based sub-woofer division processing, the sub-woofer effect can be produced without the need for a sub-speaker, people are like people on the scene.

Xiaxin bass hammer sound technology

Xia Xin's "Bass Hammer" high-fidelity TV audio system solves the inherent problems of traditional LCD TVs, such as high-definition music, moderate sound, and low-definition distortion. The new LCD TV launched by Xia xinxin fully adopts this high fidelity TV audio system.

In general, in order to improve the performance of the TV audio system indicators, each module must be properly designed and matched to give full play to the comprehensive advantages of the audio system, but only to improve a certain part of the performance indicators, it cannot improve the system sound quality. Xia Xin transplanted his professional audio development resources over the past 20 years and expanded it to a flat-panel TV. He independently developed and designed a maze-type "Bass Hammer" audio system.

The principle of the xiaxin maze-type speaker is similar to the twists and turns of the slender pipe. A long bass channel is designed in the cavity of the box, which is used with the guide hole of the speaker. The Bass is reflected multiple times in the bass channel, then, through the impact reflection on the wall and the desktop, overlapping each other not only prolongs the sound transmission path, but also precisely locates the sound transmission direction so that the sound can be transmitted through the directed hole, reduces loss and improves sound quality.

In addition, the xiaxin "bass hammer" audio system also uses the patent horn of the Nd-Fe-boron material. Although the volume is small, the driving energy is eight times that of the ordinary horn unit, it ensures the sub-woofer effect of the flat TV audio system. With the built-in bbe electronic adjustment system, the sound is naturally reproduced.

On Xia Xin's new "surprise color" series LCD TV, the bass hammer audio system also adopted the high-grade Mesh Used in the past only on the high-end home cinema system as the front barrier Board for the first time, the opening rate is over 80%. With such a high opening rate, we fully consider the scattering of high-pitched notes, so that the high-pitched notes are unobstructed, so as to avoid sound dyeing, better sound quality restoration, and richer details.

For example, the company won the fourth Chinese enterprise "Product Innovation Design Award" LCD TV Gold Award, the First China Consumer Electronics Annual Meeting "2006 the most worth buying flat TV" awards and other awards such as Xia xinjing color series LC-42HWT3P LCD TV, an ultra-thin horn made of "King of drivers". Each horn unit has a full-band output capability of 20-20 kHz (20-20 kHz is the voice frequency bandwidth that human ears can hear ). Xiaxin also uses the patent horn of the Nd-Fe-boron material on the LCD TV. Nd-Fe-boron is a type of Permanent Magnet with the largest magnetic force contained in all the magnets. It is generally used in the units of high-end speakers and headphones. It ensures sound quality is not distorted and has a high level of density and explosive power.

Xiaxin LCD TV adopts the latest digital audio processing technology, which is a small volume and has a power of up to 30 W. It is 6 times the average LCD TV audio, the efficiency is as high as 90% (traditional analog power amplifier is only 30%). It can zoom in without distortion, transmit digital audio signals, and play back audio in high fidelity to ensure the sense of presence and realism of LCD TV audio.

According to Xia Xin, chief design engineer of LCD TV, the overall design of high-quality LCD TV requires "audio-color synchronization. Generally, LCD TVs lack professional audio design experience and professional engineers, and sound performance has always been a difficult issue. In some cases, it has seriously affected TV programs.

Sound debugging requires not only professional equipment and scientific design, but also years of experience and talent reserves. In order to ensure sound quality stability and excellence, xia Xin electro-acoustic R & D team conducts subjective and objective dual evaluation and debugging-in a professional audio-free test room, use a professional audio testing system to test and debug dozens of metrics, including frequency response, reverb, and distortion. After a professional organization tested xiaxin's 40-inch LCD TV, it commented that the built-in dual-frequency Speaker of the high-fidelity TV audio system is outstanding and has a low volume, the effect is no less than a small speaker.

TCL ddas Technology
TCL's flat-panel TV audio solution introduces the design concepts and design methods in the professional audio field, and successfully developed the ddas flat TV audio optimization technology with unique characteristics and outstanding effects.

The English version of ddas is digital dynamic audio system. The core of the so-called ddas, a digital dynamic audio system, is an integrated electro-acoustic design. TCL names it Digital Dynamic sound Valley technology.

The ddas technology is composed of five independent patents and seven sound effects technologies, covering the circuit, sound structure (sound quality and mechanical structure are closely related) of the TV audio and the three decisive links of the speaker, has a complete professional audio system. 5 patented TCL ddas technologies, including dynamic bandwidth control for signal processing, dynamic amplitude control, virtual bass and infrequent access, and sound structures and speakers.
Dynamic Bandwidth control:Due to the limited linear stroke of the speaker, non-linear Distortion increases in large amplitude, especially for small-caliber speakers. To solve this problem, the ddas method is to dynamically control the lower limit of the low frequency: the lower limit of the low frequency of the volume hour is low, and the lower limit of the low frequency is appropriately increased when the volume is large, which reduces the non-linear distortion of the speaker when the volume is large, this effectively eliminates the noisy sensation of noisy sound when the volume is high.

Dynamic Range control:Similarly, because of the increase of non-linear distortion when the small speaker has a large amplitude, the dynamic amplitude control also changes the low-frequency compensation amplitude based on the volume size. The volume is small, and the low-frequency compensation is much larger, when the volume increases, the low frequency compensation is automatically reduced. This technology also enhances the bass when the volume is low and reduces the distortion when the volume is high. In the past, whether it was a hi-fi amplifier, a cinema amplifier, or a combination of audio, high-bass compensation is generally fixed frequency and a fixed range (will not change with the position of the volume potentiometer ), in this way, it is difficult to take into account the audios at different volumes. This kind of dynamic compensation is in line with Human Hearing patterns, and basically consistent listening experience can be obtained at different volumes.

Virtual Bass:Because the flat panel TV speakers generally have a relatively small caliber and a high resonance frequency, it is impossible to emit signal components lower than the resonance frequency, resulting in low frequency insufficiency. The principle of the virtual bass is to extract the low-frequency signal components that the speaker cannot radiate below its resonant frequency, and remanufacture their harmonic, so that these harmonic waves can enter the frequency range that the speaker can replay, in terms of listening, people will feel that the bass is more adequate, which effectively makes up for the problem of insufficient low-frequency replay of small-caliber flat panel TV speakers.

Infrequent access:Remove useless low-frequency signals, reduce the speaker's low-frequency distortion, increase the capacity of high-power, especially for the air flow caused by the reduction of large useless signals, can significantly improve the TV listening sense.

Sound structure and speaker:The sound structure of the Back-Open Sound hole and the asymmetric location of the speaker is used to improve the if sound dyeing, and the language is clear and natural. Many common TV sets have unclear languages and severe nose sounds. In general, human hearing is sensitive to high frequencies, while the sensitivity to low frequencies is much lower.

In the audio system, the bass effect is guaranteed by the volume, and the vast majority of TVs are difficult to provide enough space to place speakers, which makes it difficult for the TV to get a wonderful bass. The low frequency ts parameter is introduced into the speaker design of the ddas system, and a dedicated high-performance speaker is developed. The low frequency expressiveness of the speaker at different volumes is effectively improved through comprehensive application of multiple technologies, this gives a great bass effect to flat TVs.

Following the above five patented technologies, the ddas system has added two new patented technologies: "sound-through structure of built-in tweeter units in speakers" and "sound structure for improving the sound quality of flat TVs. Specifically, the former aims to solve the common high-frequency and serious drop problems in television sets, expand bandwidth, and improve the definition of sound; the latter aims to solve the problem of intermediate frequency acoustic dyeing caused by the small speaker space and installation location in the TV, making the language clear and natural, eliminating common nose and other phenomena. These two patented technologies have been used in series TVs such as TCL b66, a71, k73, and b03.

TCL latest Hyun dance b68 series LCD TV TCL LCD42B68-T is using the Tcl Digital Dynamic sound Valley ddas technology, built-in pure digital power amplifier, sound signal digital processing, DSP Digital pure voice, FPGA digital virtual 5.1 audio channel, professional echo processing, ensure sound distortion, perfect restoration, and "turn off the screen to listen to music" alone function.

Changhong 5-degree intelligent gold Ratio System
Changhong's new LCD TV, plasma TV, and rear projection TV all have a unique 5-degree smart gold ratio function. In addition, some flat TVs also use SRS virtual surround sound processing technology and high definition sound quality restoration system BbE.

The "five degrees" in the five-degree intelligent Golden Ratio of Changhong refers to the brightness, contrast, color, definition, and audio domain breadth. The golden ratio concept can be used to calculate the best combination effect for human watching and hearing enjoyment from multiple combinations of brightness, contrast, color, clarity, and sound intensity. Consumers can use the "golden ratio" button on the remote control to present the most perfect audio-visual image effect, saving the trouble of manual adjustment and greatly enhancing the practicability of the product.

On the basis of SRS sound effects, the Changhong skyline flat TV combines audio psychology with Changhong digital processing technology, and automatically adjusts the virtual sound effects based on the characteristics of single-channel and stereo sound sources, two speaker systems are used to apply the principle of "time delay, Volume attenuation" to form a "complete sound field" effect for sound effects surrounded by multiple speakers. This technology makes the acoustic phase positioning more accurate, the sound domain is wider, and greatly improves the sense of presence of the sound.

The bbe System for restoring high-definition audio quality can enhance the sound's fine sense and sense of realism, make the tweeter clearer and more delicate, and make the bass more compact, accurate, and rich. For example, percussion and percussion, such as guitar, gongs and drums, Rao Yu, and piano, are more acute and clear. A variety of solo and solo textures; complete voices or musical instrument personality in chorus and ensemble. Sound Effects in explosion, shooting, and computer games make people as immersive.

JVC sound oblique cone Sound Technique
Speaking of JVC audios, I am familiar with them, but I don't know much about the JVC flat panel TV audios. In fact, as a world-renowned audio manufacturer, JVC is also outstanding in terms of flat panel TV audio, among them, the most notable are the internationally recognized oblique cone speaker and eccentric vibration basin speaker technology used by JVC in the hi-fi audio.

The oblique cone speaker Technology of JVC improves the characteristics of the mid-and high-tone domains by staggered the drive point in the center of the cone and letting the sound pass up from the sound ring in the center of the cone, in this way, powerful high sound quality is generated. At the same time, the JVC also raised the long axis of the speaker diaphragm to make the sound field as if it had been diffuse from the entire screen, so that the sound quality at the front of the TV can be optimized.

The dual vibration basin speaker "oblique cone speaker" is a unique technology of JVC. The speaker's vibration film deviates from the center axis, so that the resonance of the tweeter area is dispersed, at the same time, the orientation axis of the speaker diaphragm is placed in the optimal position for watching and listening on the TV, reflecting the on-site sound quality commensurate with high-taste images.

JVC HD-Z70RX5 sound power 20 W. It is not only equipped with JVC's original oblique cone speaker, bbe's high-quality beauty sound system, but also with JVC's original reflection speaker, the natural sound effects at the back of the left and right speakers are combined with the sounds at the bottom of the image to greatly improve the presence of the image.

Toshiba jet Slit High-Efficiency audio system
In order to make the flat-panel TV sound domain wider and more powerful, Toshiba has developed a jet Slit High-Performance sound system in cooperation with anqiao, a professional audio company, it was successfully applied to the design of Toshiba 58 series and 66 series LCD TVs. The Wow 3D Dynamic sound effects were used to reproduce 5.1 channels, improving the TV audio effect.

The jet Slit speaker system is equipped with six tweeting loudspeakers and full-range speakers using strongsten ferrite, Which is 10% more magnetic than the previous ferrite, the speaker is more than 60% thinner than the ordinary flat panel TV speaker system, and can drive the speaker's vibration Board more vigorously to reproduce the clear sound.

In addition, the new jet Slit speaker system also structured the jet Slit in front of the speaker at the bottom of the screen, after the sound waves from the speaker components are "COMPRESSED" and "accelerated", the sound waves are "forced out" from the front of the speaker to achieve a wide range of audio domains, make voice interpretation more accurate and expressive.

Toshiba's new 47 inch 47wl66c LCD TV, based on the jet Slit High-Performance sound system, is supplemented by SRS 3D 3D surround virtual stereo, focus sound positioning, and refined technology, trubass sub-woofer and dedicated tweeter, with an audio output power of X 2, audio sound shocking and magnificent, with a sense of presence.

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