Sourcetree WIN10 Installation does not successfully resolve process records

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Brief introduction

Sourcetree is a project version control software with a visual interface for Git project management, and it integrates the Git flow workflow, and for beginners unfamiliar with git commands, you can quickly learn to use git and git flow to Developed with code versioning and team collaboration.


The installation of Sourcetree ( was not successful on a new WIN10 computer today, and there was no error prompting, after double-clicking the installation file, it did not install successfully after it was installed.


After Google found this problem on the Stack Overflow: Source Tree doesn ' t launch after installation


The most likely reason for this error is the User.config file for Sourcetree have been corrupted. You can confirm the locating the file in this Location:c:users<user>appdatalocalatlassiansourcetree.exe_<ra Ndom_string><version_number>

If This was the cause, when you open the file, it would be a full of <NULL> values.


If The User.config file is indeed corrupted, your may delete it. It'll be regenerated the next time you start Sourcetree, and the application should start normally.

It seems the solution is C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Atlassian\SourceTree.exe_<random_string>\<version_number> to remove user.config the next reinstall after

After trying the above method, the discovery is still invalid, so there is only another way.

I have done four years of. NET Development, ran to the C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Atlassian\SourceTree directory to read the sourcetree.log log information:

ERROR [2018-03-17 20:27:06,785][3][][. ctor]-FinishensuresquirrelexecutionstubiscopiedERROR [2018-03-17 20:27:07,491][4][][Onstartup]-Failed toStartSystem. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. InSourcetree. Notifications. Notificationsmanager. SetOwner (NotificationdialogwindowNotificationWindow) inSourcetree. Notifications. Notificationsmanager. ShownotificationdialogT (NotificationdialogwindowNotificationWindow,Tuple ' 2CustomAction,Vistataskdialogiconicon) inSourcetree. Notifications. Notificationsmanager. ShownotificationdialogT (Stringtitle,Stringmessage,Tuple ' 2CustomAction,StringCancellabel,Stringsuppressionsetting,Action ' 1Suppressionchangedaction,ObjectContentControl,StringContentcommandlabel,ActionContentactiON) inSourcetree. Notifications. Notificationsmanager. Shownotificationdialogwithyesconfirmation (Stringtitle,Stringmessage,StringDetails) inSourcetree  sourcetree    Sourcetree    StartupEventArgs    e ) in   Sourcetree    StartupEventArgs    e )               
haha, Wpf found the figure, oneself still in about 10 years with WPF developed application, very cordial feeling.

Since it's a Microsoft Department technology tool, it certainly needs to be supported by the. NET Framework, so run to the Microsoft website ... Reinstall the latest. NET Framework.

Then reinstall the Sourcetree to get back to normal.

Sourcetree WIN10 Installation does not successfully resolve process records

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