Sunflower Remote application helps you to easily access office OA from outside the net

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With the rapid development of enterprise information Construction, OA system has become the group enterprise completely out of inefficient office, however, most OA systems are installed in the company's internal server, in the company's internal staff can directly access through the LAN, but at home or on business trip can not access, Some network management using the method of doing port mapping to access, of course, this is a method, but if not do the port mapping or restricted by the router? In fact, with the help of sunflower remote applications, do not have to do port mapping, through the intranet IP plus the forwarding of the port number can be easily accessed from the external network office OA.

Assuming that the intranet IP address of the OA server is the port used by the,oa service is 8000, we can access it through on the LAN. However, due to the limitations of the network environment can not be port mapping, the extranet can not access to this OA service.

Use sunflower remote application before, need to install on the Office OA server host on the control side of sunflower and successfully login.

Login, the main control end of the Sunflower official website, through the remote control into the operation of the interface.

Add OA Service Application: The IP address fills in the sunflower is the control Terminal OA Server Intranet IP (cannot fill in the, the port number enters the HTTP service default 80, supports the browser to check the HTTP service (if your application service cannot directly Access through the browser address bar, no need to check this setting, such as Microsoft remote Services

Save after the setup is complete, click on the link directly in the application list to successfully access the.

You can also use the settings build port forwarding address to access, you can successfully access the Office OA system.

If in the access end of the LAN, in addition to the main control of other computers also need to access the extranet of OA services, how to do? Enter this address directly? That's not going to work. So how do we operate? Do you see a "share" button behind the application list? We dot "share".

Other computer users only need to variable cost machine LAN IP, such as this machine intranet IP is, then use to access it. How to tap "Cancel sharing" is not accessible.

So simple to set down, from the extranet successfully visited the enterprise's internal OA, do not need to do port mapping, sunflower remote applications in the unique advantages of Web applications, convenient network management or some white-collar people really realize mobile office.

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