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I was about to rush to the airport from Xujiahui, so I ended a meeting in a hurry and searched for a taxi in front of the mercury building. A mass found me and was very professional and straight forward to me. This stops, so I am deeply shocked by the story that follows, like a vivid MBA Case Study. To be loyal to the original intention of the taxi driver, I tried to repeat his original words with my memory.
"Where to go ...... Okay, airport. I like to do the business of the Miluo building in Xujiahui. Here I only do two places. Miluo building, Junyao building. Do you know? Before receiving you, I took two laps at the door of the merceon building and finally saw you! It's definitely not close to me when I come out of office buildings ~~~"
"Oh? You have a good idea !" I included it.
"A taxi driver should also use scientific methods ." He said. I was suddenly interested in "What scientific methods ?"
"You must understand statistics. I have made accurate calculations. Let me tell you. I drive a 17-hour drive at a cost of 34.5 yuan per hour ......"
"How to calculate it ?" I asked.
"You do, I have to pay 380 yuan a day, and the fuel fee is about 210 yuan. 17 hours a day, the average fixed cost of 22 yuan per hour, handed over to the company, an average of 12.5 yuan per hour oil fee. Is this 34.5 Yuan ?", I was surprised. I took a taxi for 10 years and heard a taxi driver calculate the cost for the first time. The previous drivers told me that the cost per kilometer is 0.3 yuan, and the amount of money paid every day is similar.
"The cost cannot be calculated by kilometer, but only by time. You see, the price calculator has a "check" function. You can see detailed records of the day. I have performed data analysis and the average air travel time between each passenger is 7 minutes. If the starting price is 10 yuan, it will take about 10 minutes. That is to say, every 10 yuan guest costs 17 minutes, that is, 9.8 yuan. Don't make money! If we say that the guests in Pudong, Hangzhou, and Qingpu are eating meals, even the customers who make 10 yuan are not enough to eat dishes, we can only scatter some MSG ."
Strong! The master did not sound like a taxi driver, but seemed to be a cost accountant. "What do you do ?" I am more interested. Continue to ask. It seems that new things can be learned on the way to the airport.
"Never be moved across the street by customers. Instead, you can choose the parking location, time, and customer to decide where you want to go ." I was surprised. It sounds interesting. "Some people say that taxi drivers rely on luck to eat. I thought no. You must stand in the customer's position and think from the customer's perspective ." This sentence sounds very professional, just like many business management training instructors say "put yourself into others 'shoes ."
"Let's give you an example. at the door of the hospital, one with medicine, one with a washbasin, and one with you ." I thought about it and said I don't know.
"You want to bring the washbasin. When the average person is ill, go to the hospital to take a look. Taking some medicine may not necessarily go to a very long Hospital. Take a taxi with a washbasin. It was discharged from hospital. How can I stay in hospital? Who died on the second floor today, and another died on the third floor tomorrow. People who come out of the hospital often have a sense of re-emergence. It is the most important to be healthy to recognize the meaning of life. That day said: Go to Qingpu. No blinking. Did you say that he would take a taxi to People's Square and start the Qingpu line? Absolutely not !"
I can't help but admire it.
"Let's give you another example. On that day, three people waved in front of the People's Square. A young woman, with a small bag, just bought something. There is also a young man and a woman who are shopping at first glance. The third is a man wearing a velvet shirt and a down jacket, carrying a bag. I think a person only needs 3 seconds. I did not hesitate to stop in front of this man. After the man got on the bus, he said: yan'an elevated, north-south elevated ~~~ I couldn't help asking why you didn't hesitate to open it to me? There are two other people in front. If they want to get on the bus, I am also embarrassed to compete with them. I replied that at noon, it would be a dozen minutes later. The girl slipped out to buy things at noon. It is estimated that the company is very close. It is a tourist for men and women who don't take anything and won't go far. You went out to work and took a bag, at first glance, it is official business. At this time, it is estimated that it will not be near. The man said, you are right. Go to Baoshan ."
"Can anyone in pajamas Take a taxi at the entrance of the supermarket or at the subway station be far away? May I go to the airport? The airport will not let her in ."
That makes sense! The more interesting I listen.
"Many drivers complain that the business is not doing well, and the oil price is rising again. They all look for reasons from others. I said, you will always find reasons from others, and you will never be able to improve. Find out from yourself and find out what the problem is ." This sounds familiar, as if it is "If you cannot change the world, you can change yourself", or Steven corvey's "Influence Circle and attention circle" flip. "On one occasion, a passenger stops at South Dan Road and goes to Tian Lin. Later, another time, a person in the south Dan road car, or to Tian Lin. I asked, why do many of you go to Tian Lin from Nandan Road? People said that there was a bus station on Nandan Road. We all got here by bus from Pudong and then took a ride to Tian Lin. I suddenly realized. For example, if you look at the road we drive, there are no office buildings, no hotels, and nothing, there is only a bus station. Most of the people standing here blocking cars are just buses, select a taxi by shortest road. Customers who block cars here are generally no more than 15 yuan ."
"So I said, Attitude determines everything !" I heard this from more than a dozen presidents. For the first time, I heard this from taxi drivers.
"Use scientific methods and statistics to do business. How can I make money by waiting in line at the subway station every day? How can I earn 500 yuan a month to support my wife and children? This is murder! Murder your family. Arm yourself with knowledge. Learning knowledge can turn a person into a smart person. learning knowledge can turn a smart person into a smart person. A very intelligent person can become a genius when learning knowledge ."
"One person took a taxi to the train station and asked how to get there. He said so. I said it was slow. I went up to the high level. He said, it's a long journey. I said, it doesn't matter. You often walk with your experience. If you take 50 pieces, you follow my steps and wait for 50 pieces of The ODPS, And I will flip the table. You just want to give 50 for the first time. If you want more, you can count on me. It takes 50 minutes to walk as you said, and 25 minutes to walk with you. Finally, I took 4 more kilometers and took only 50 parts for 25 minutes. Passengers are very happy to save about 10 yuan. The four kilometers cost me a lot of money. I spent more than 1 RMB for 25 minutes. As I said just now, I have a cost of 34.5 RMB per hour. how cost-effective I am !"
"In a Volkswagen Company, a driver is usually 3 to 4 thousand yuan and takes them home. About 5 thousand. Top drivers may have about 7000 yuan a month. There are 20 thousand drivers in the public, and there are about 2-3 drivers. One driver can win over 8000 yuan a month. I am one of two or three people. It is also very stable and will not fluctuate greatly ."
Too strong! So far, I have become more and more admired for the taxi driver.
"I often say that I am a happy chef. Some people say that you are happy because you make too much money. I told them, you are just wrong. Because I have a happy and positive attitude, I make more money ."
How nice it is!
"You must understand the beauty of your work. When People's Square was congested, many drivers complained that they were congested again! Bad luck. Never do this. Feel the beauty of the city with your heart. There are many beautiful girls passing by outside. Although they can't afford a modern tall building, they can enjoy it with appreciation. Drive to the airport and look at the green on both sides. The winter is white and beautiful. Let's look at the ODPS table. It's more than 100, and it's more beautiful! Every job has a beautiful place for her. We need to understand this beauty from work ."
"I was the chief coach of Johnson & Johnson 10 years ago. I worked as a department manager for three different departments in the company eight years ago. I quit later, and it's boring to have 3 or 5 thousand RMB in a month. Take the initiative to be the driver. I would like to be a happy chef. ."
When I arrived at the airport, I left him a business card and said, "Are you interested in coming to my office this Friday and telling Microsoft employees how to drive a taxi? You just need to watch a table, 60 km an hour, and I will pay you as much as you talk about it. Call me ."
I can't wait to write down his vivid MBA class on the plane.

----------------- Liu run, manager of Microsoft Global Technical Center

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