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Weak Password of Didi taxi OA system can cause internal information leakage and password change is required

Weak Password of Didi taxi OA system can cause internal information leakage and password change is required Morality often leads to flaws in wisdom. However, wisdom always fills in gaps in morality. At first, I ran the domain name and found that OA

Optimization System of Collective Smart Programming Learning

The idea of optimizing the system is really hard to understand. So, my dad is in Xi'an, Shaanxi, my mom is in Hefei, Anhui, and my brother is in Shenzhen, I plan to fly to Beijing to play. My family members are relatively cost-effective. I plan to

Siri is open source, and 33% of developers are skeptical, what about you?

33% of Chinese developers on Siri Open and skeptical? For now, in iOS 10, the Siri API only supports six types of applications: Taxi, communication, photo search, payment, VoIP and exercise. There is also a special use case for car manufacturers

Today, I went to the Communist Youth League committee to maintain my website.

At Am, I took a taxi to the Communist Party Committee to maintain the website at AM as planned, It wasn't too far away. We arrived at half past nine, and a girl received us and waited for a while to wait for their website. . Basically, the original

Distributed Database System-Implementation of business travel booking system (1)

Today, I saw my younger siblings busy with course completion design as we did last year, thinking about how I worked hard last year and sharing my development experience. Project Introduction This system is designed based on the distributed database

GeoAnalyticsServer cluster deployment manual in Linux,

GeoAnalyticsServer cluster deployment manual in Linux, 1 geoanalyticsserver distributed deployment architecture This deployment uses three machines for the distributed deployment of vector big data servers. Unlike the single-host deployment, this

Datong Xiaoyi-a trip to Datong on May Day

The pure brightness of a person's visit to the source, while feeling the little bridge in the south of the Yangtze River, the experience is even more lonely. Thank you for your company (Dangdang,, Dan Jun, and four beautiful women) on the May Day. I

The advantages and disadvantages of micro-service architecture

First we look at why we should consider using MicroServices.Development of single-use applicationsAssuming you are preparing to develop a taxi scheduling software that competes with Uber and Hailo, you may start this new project manually or using

Advantages and disadvantages of microservice Architecture

Advantages and disadvantages of microservice ArchitectureAbstract: This article is from the official Nginx blog and is the first article in The microservice series. It mainly discusses the shortcomings of traditional monolithic applications and the

How does a platform-based lock screen monetization app reshape the phenomenon market?

In the application of the Red Sea in the market, there have been many phenomenon-level applications, such as a number of stars have been the relay to shoot funny video of the small show, but also can quickly copy my cartoon image of the face Meng,

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