Taxi hailing software is prevalent. How can we determine whether to reject a taxi?

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Taxi hailing software is prevalent. How can we determine whether to reject a taxi?

Nowadays, taxi hailing software is prevalent. In this era, you can never use taxi hailing software. However, you must never have heard of taxi hailing software. Today, mobile networks are prevalent, which brings us great convenience. However, after careful consideration, there are indeed many problems.

Let's talk about two stories first. This morning, I was always environmentally friendly. When I waited for a red light, I saw no passengers in the taxi while I was in the middle of the road. But I didn't even stop when I saw a friend who called a car in the front, in just dozens of seconds, two taxis refused the passenger. Is this a load rejection? Or did the driver take a taxi to pick up a taxi before? This is indeed to be considered.

Another story is that when I went to Nanjing for a business trip, I went out for dinner and caught up with the evening peak. I heard a local friend say that if I didn't need taxi software at this time, I couldn't get a car, is this because the taxi volume is insufficient? Why can I use taxi hailing software to get to the car? If you can make it easy for taxi drivers to quickly locate you, as early as there was no taxi hailing software, drivers can find taxi hailing users based on experience, as long as you walk a few more steps to a location that is often open to traffic. This is the convenience that Didi chuxing brings to me, or is it a little "degraded ".

In fact, I have never used taxi software for the following reasons:
  1. Taxi is expensive, and my university is also studying chemistry, so there is a kind of inclination to environmental protection from the bones, so try to choose green travel methods, such as cycling, subway, bus;
  2. If you want to see the customer and other urgent matters, you should take the subway more, for fear of traffic jam;
  3. If you cannot get a taxi without taxi hailing software when the traffic conditions are poor or during peak hours, it is better to build a subway system if you think differently, now, the subways in Beijing and Shanghai are very developed.

I didn't mean anything about taxi hailing software here, but I really want taxi hailing software to go public and become part of human life. I really should do a good job in market research and demand analysis, do not make convenient software a headache in people's life.

Taxi hailing software is prevalent. How can we determine whether to reject a taxi?

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