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About tick-tock taxi and quick taxi two big software "The god-father" Please "please the National people to take a taxi" is probably the most awesome news last week, daily occupy a variety of media headlines, a week of time, they let "50" after the Uncle aunts are beginning to itch, in the interview process, many 60+ uncle, Aunt all to the reporter said to the taxi software extremely strong interest, "recently we are talking about the taxi software is a thing, can really immediately save money?" ”

Is this really the "pie in the Sky" thing? Reporter from February 18 two big taxi software into the white-hot competition day began, interviewed nearly hundreds of taxi and passengers, found that most people on the side of "small farmers" plot how to pick more cheap, but encountered countless obstacles. To take advantage of a small price, you must have enough patience, a shrewd mind, and even a strong physique ...

Just with the streets of the "empty" no one to stop, empty taxis are hanging with the car booking sign refused to carry the situation more and more, gradually calm people began to worry about the sudden arrival of huge sums of money to disrupt the market has indigestion?

This edition co-ordinates: New Express reporter Hong Wen

Guo Xiaoyan: New Express reporter


All kinds of heart-battering waiting

Most newly installed, tick-tock or quick-taxi passengers will soon taste the "sweetness": quickly hit the car and save money quickly. When the taxi from Haizhu District to Tianhe District as long as within 10 blocks, weekdays in the subway crowded into "sardines" white-collar crazy, taxi to work became their Benzouxianggao good news. But the second, third, and even more than that ... The complaints in the circle of friends began to become more and more, "two days in a row with two taxi software can not hit the car, pushed more than 100 cars also no one to take orders," two horses "(refers to Tencent boss Ma and Alibaba head of the company) is not broken the first bar ...

People who take taxis by taxi software, along with the increasing expectation of taxi software, Taxi has become more and more abuse of heart, a variety of waiting, taxi information can not be sent out of the waiting, send a message after the waiting for a single, after a single due to positioning not allowed to wait for the delay of the cab, or the cab simply asked, " You can show up in 1 minutes. Then I'll be waiting for you at So-and-so. "However, the location of the passenger station in fact there are hundreds of meters away, in order to that point" small profits ", hundred meters running anxiety. Even finally all get off, but encounter can not use mobile phone to pay the waiting, good luck, perhaps you will meet the kind and forthright of the cab, they rely on the trust of passengers to allow passengers to get off and then slowly payment, and then a long wait. Of course, more of the cabbies chose to take the cash away, which is a "lost-lose" choice-neither the cab nor the passengers made the "giants" for their 5, 10 or even 20-dollar rewards.

But the cause of all kinds of abuse of heart wait can not completely blame taxi software, together with the enthusiasm of the taxi is one of them, quick taxi related staff told the New Express reporter, after the second round of subsidy policy down, the country's daily orders from the original about 1 million single surge to 5 million or 6 million single. Even if Guangzhou is not the fastest-growing place in the daily growth rate, just 200,000 days is enough for passengers to "wait for the flowers to thank them" ...

The white collar waits 1 hours in the cold,

Just to save 12 bucks.

This story sounds strange, feeling is extremely "small farmers" can do the cock silk, but the object is a monthly over million white-collar. Miss Cao, who works at Swire, lives near the subway station in the Red Hillock tower, and most of the time she goes to work on a 5-dollar electric car to connect to the red Post Tower subway station and then take the subway to Taikoo Wui, the general cost is about 7 yuan. But February 19, for the first time, she tasted the "sweetness" of the taxi software, with tick-tock taxi two times took about 3 minutes to hit the car, the cab smooth out now she lives in the district downstairs, the car drove to the Swire downstairs, only need micro-letter to pay 8 yuan, both comfortable and convenient. So the same night she used the tick-tock software to take a taxi, but from 9 o'clock in the evening until 11 o'clock no one "orders." In the meantime she was walking along the road, at least one hours frozen, "The middle feeling hungry and eat a snack, while eating while playing or not success, finally decided to whisking a taxi." "She said to herself," in fact, in order to save 12 yuan, late night snacks have spent sixty or seventy, in fact, the streets are taxis are not willing to wave. ”

In fact, in the rush hour, in the rainy days, in the time of the car can not hit, is still a variety of not hit the car, the cab said that sometimes hear the increase has been added to 30 yuan, but really can not, this should be a word: "Money is not big sun!" ”

The banking system is busy, the wrong hand pays two times

White-collar Hana on a number of consecutive attempts to use a taxi software successfully arrived at the destination but can not get concessions, "said the banking system busy let me cash payments, this I am not a loss?" In order not to suffer, Hana every time to the cab to ensure that the car must pay, and even his ID card and work card to the CAB show a proof of their credibility, "Believe me, I will use mobile phone to pay." "Just because of the fear of character is questioned, get off the Hana will always strive to pay," once tried a full 3 hours did not successfully use mobile phone to pay, I am considering whether it is time to take the Overlord car. "In this tangle and contradiction, when the pay system suddenly" revived ", Hana very happy to quickly pay 26 yuan fare, minus tick-tock Taxi" award "of the 12 yuan, that is to pay 14 yuan fare," pay the words of success seems to shake a bit, immediately and out of the case to forfeit my payment, I am anxious to pay again, Who knows, then call the bank only to find that I have two times the payment has been successful ...

Petty gain is doomed to no good fate ...

The promised subsidy suddenly went out and the phone complained all afternoon

February 18 recently 11 o'clock, white collar Miss Cai with a quick taxi. The road from the hillock to the agricultural talks near the arrival of the fare shows 25 yuan. When the payment system was found to be faulty, Miss Chua wanted to pay cash directly, but the driver said that if they paid cash, the two sides would have no discount. As a result, Miss Cai continued to use mobile phone to pay for the instructions. After entering the total fare of 25 yuan, press the confirmation key. At the same time, the driver received the account message. But Cai found that credit card transfer is also 25 yuan, and did not deduct 13 yuan "reward", the heart is a little puzzled. Considering that the driver still has to make money, he goes first.

Miss Cai thought the offer would be returned later. Behold more than half an hour passed, the account again no movement. Only from the "Quick Taxi" message: "Driver So-and-so 25 yuan fare has been paid successfully." "Is there a problem with the operation or is there a malfunction in the system?" Miss Cai for this call for an afternoon official complaint telephone, but has been unable to dial, to the small assistant message also did not get a reply, this story has no ending, and poor Cai is often ridiculed is "character problem" ...

What a good subsidy! No, just save the RP (character)!

"Our income has increased by at most 10%."

This week, the reporter to Guangzhou taxi company nearly hundred of the cab companies surveyed, is being identified with the "Best of the Times" they have said, "We really did not earn, our income at most increased by 10%." "Taxi software suddenly competition, let them into the contradictions and entanglements, really earn more, but the feeling is not practical."

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