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Starting from July 16, some local users (mainly in XI ' an telecom and some of the local unicom users) to me, unable to visit my blog, after my test to find out, the reason is that some areas of telecommunications operators blocked my blog DNS Resolution service provider GoDaddy DNS services, Xi ' an telecom's DNS server has some of the DNS shield of GoDaddy, so that those who use GoDaddy DNS site can not visit from Xi ' an, including my blog.

GoDaddy was founded in 1997, is the global domain name registration of the first service provider, the global market share of 18%. The Domain name additional service Many, the price is low, the average price only then the domestic domain name service half, is a very good domain service provider, including me many website owners all in use GoDaddy domain name registration service.

  Bad effects of shielding DNS

China Telecom has briefly shielded the server address GoDaddy, but that for the users in GoDaddy to buy the site is not small, this direct shielding the NS (domain name resolution) service, the impact is very bad, in order to "punish" a certain one or two sites, The direct result of thousands of innocent sites can not be visited, is described as "rather wrong kill 1000, not let one" extreme means.

I am here to confirm that the GoDaddy DNS server has 57, 58, 67, 68, 77, 78, 33, 34th, if your domain name uses these several DNS addresses, you need to modify it to another DNS address, otherwise you will not be able to access from some areas.

  Local User authentication methods:

1, point "start"-"Run"-input cmd, and then enter Ipconfig/all, in the next "DNS server" to find the address of the DNS servers you use.

2, re-enter the nslookup your DNS server IP, to see if you can resolve.

3, Re-enter nslookup use Google's DNS server authentication.

  Site Master Solution:

1, to change the other DNS server address GoDaddy, GoDaddy has a lot of DNS servers, a short period of time to see, it is impossible to all shielding off.

2, in exchange for Third-party DNS resolution services, there are many third-party Web sites to provide DNS resolution services, many are free of charge, the domestic also provides a free DNS resolution service, the use of Third-party DNS services can be part of the problem, telecommunications will not be the world's all DNS servers are shielded, That's equivalent to a LAN. Moonlight Blog Now Choose this solution, it is estimated that within a day or two can be effective.

In addition, do not recommend the domain name of GoDaddy to migrate to the country, if the domain name migrated to the country, it is not the problem of shielding NS, but direct clienthold, then it will be too late to cry.

  Suggestions to Xi ' an netizens:

Xi ' an netizen if change with Shenzhen DNS server, can solve this problem temporarily, the list of DNS servers all over the country see here.

In addition, the extreme practice of Xi ' an telecom, completely disregard the user's right to access the Internet, the shielding of those DNS servers, the use of the site more than tens of millions, such a knife-cutting management practices are barbaric, suggested Xian netizens for their legitimate rights and interests, call Telecom service telephone 10000 to complain, Until XI ' an telecom changed its error.

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