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After several years of long-distance running, micro Bo suddenly burst into flames, began the National micro-blog, all the sites have launched micro-blogging services, which is similar to the popular blog. Tencent is also ready to launch a "catch up" strategy, launched Tencent Weibo, but the actual process of Tencent Weibo is very chaotic and disorderly:

Development Strategy Confusion:

In fact, as early as 2007 Tencent launched a micro-blog products: surging, at that time when foreign micro-blogging ancestor Twitter and domestic folk micro-bo hot period, Tencent hurriedly follow up, but the development of two or three years not bland not fire, the effect is small, so Tencent has to gradually shelve this project, Now reduced to become QQ space mood of an auxiliary tool. In the second half of last year, Sina Weibo launched and quickly hot, Tencent felt a huge impact, so the microblogging project restarted and restructuring, but the microblogging products Tencent Weibo and surging without any relationship, the original surging friends and data are not transferred to Tencent Weibo, It can be said that Tencent Weibo and surging are two sets of completely independent products. This can be said to be a huge amount of human resources and financial resources of waste, the original surging users is also a great impact on emotional investment. For micro-blogging operations and gradually fade out and then face pressure forced to fight again, it is clear that Tencent's strategy on micro-Bo's future understanding is not clear, in the actual operation is a smear lack of competitiveness. Of course, this is not strange, this is Tencent has always been the problem, the same year in the SNS products Tencent appeared alumni, QQ alumni, QQ University three homogenization of a very serious product, Tencent money no way is to take to burn.

Conclusion: Free to abandon a product to recreate a product is not a mature Internet business practices, such decisions and strategies of randomness and uncertainty is also a disrespect to users, it is recommended that based on the original platform for porting and upgrading is the most appropriate choice.

Account and friend relationship confusion:

Surging updated information can be very convenient for your QQ friends to see, but Tencent Weibo update news QQ friends are not see, as a bundle of QQ number on a public information products, QQ software on the "QQ Friends Panel" microblogging function, see the QQ friends update microblogging is not very strange. and the traditional micro-blog is an independent platform, like Sina Weibo is not and the member account bundle, so the general microblogging platform is an independent friend system, the most through a disguised invitation to invite users in MSN, Gtalk friends. But Tencent Weibo is tied to its QQ number, abandoning the existing relationship of friends is some waste of interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, Tencent Weibo also does not see the QQ number of friends of Weibo, so QQ in the Tencent Micro Bo basically does not play any role, just a sign of identification, if it is an optional attribute can be directly removed, use the QQ number may be better than the use of more general mail account way more in line with the use of micro-blog. And if once Tencent Weibo (due to strict information censorship, this in the domestic microblogging system is the normal), you this QQ can not update and receive micro-blog, let users give up the use of the long QQ number and its top friends?

Conclusion: Since Tencent Weibo and QQ friends to divide the boundaries, recommended to do more thoroughly, the account system and QQ number separated to use a mailbox, so more general more in line with the usage of the habit, even if the seal, you can again use other account to bundle the existing QQ number, so that will not affect the QQ user updates and receive Weibo, Otherwise, because of the Chinese characteristics of the information audit and the number, to a certain extent, triggered the loss of QQ user groups. Therefore, it is recommended that micro-BO such special public information products using an independent account system and Buddy system, QQ is only a bundle of Third-party platforms, which may be more conducive to the expansion of the platform in the later extension and strategic expansion, mergers.

Client Strategic Confusion:

Traditional microblogging platform is the client as a Third-party tool, such as muttering, what to do, Sina Weibo, etc. can be used qq/msn/gtalk and other clients to carry out micro-blog updates, surging before also support MSN. Tencent Weibo can only use QQ software, and can only use a specific version of QQ software-qq2010 beta3 version. Tencent Weibo has a client-side exclusivity or even an open API that is understandable, but can only be implemented on a specific version. QQ2010 BETA3 directly QQ microblogging functions integrated into the QQ software buddy panel, seemingly convenient, but more use before the version of the user has either been upgraded, or can not use Weibo. Weibo is currently hot and may become one of the tools widely used in various websites, but whether it can be like QQ release information as the basic use of the function is still difficult to conclude, more likely to be after the national control and tightening or development strategy adjustment, this microblogging function will be removed from the QQ software, Then you will have to redistribute the new version and continue to toss yourself and the user.

In addition, micro-bonnet embedded in QQ software, unlike other micro-blogging systems using Third-party Instant Messaging tools can be very convenient to receive the latest information notifications. This is an Instant messaging tool in the field of micro-blogging the most practical and basic function of the application, but was completely abandoned by Tencent Weibo. and the embedded user experience also does not conform to the common client usage habits, all change other windows in the taskbar can not find, can only open re-opened QQ software panel or reduce other windows to return to the Micro-blog interface.

Conclusion: The most appropriate client-side adjustment is Tencent Weibo function as a similar plug-in or panel into the form of QQ client software, users can choose whether to add this plug-in or panel function to use Tencent Weibo, or in the subsequent release of the QQ client version of the default installation of this plugin or panel, This avoids the traditional client to use micro-blog form too simplistic, also can give members more independent choice instead of forcing users to download a version, and also will not make the adjustment of QQ clients have a greater impact.

@ Functional Confusion:

@ User ID appears when replying to or talking to others on a traditional microblog this is basically the general rules of conversation for all the microblogs so far, Tencent Weibo is an exception, although there is a @ function, but Tencent Weibo will not only the dialogue and the user mentioned the two separate, and the content will never appear at the @ symbol. When you click on someone's ID for a conversation, you simply enter the content and do not produce an @ User ID in the content like any other microblogging, and the symbol will not appear after the conversation, for example. When you use the @ User ID in the speech content, the @ symbol is not displayed and only the user's name is displayed. Can say @ symbol in Tencent Weibo is a mysterious symbol, you basically do not see it appears, see also do not know what it is used, because it is the only place to appear in the user's name next to the page:.

Conclusion: Either use the Universal default @ feature rule or simply don't confuse the user with the @ feature.

mysterious and confusing:

On Tencent Weibo occasionally can see another mysterious symbol, again let me shocked, I found in the Help file this symbol, only in some specific operation will appear, we can explore their own. Let me in Tencent Weibo once again witnessed the product planners of the magic idea, I can only be amazed and humbled, another 10 years also can not catch up with his mysterious thinking, suggest to do lost writers to go.

Conclusion: It's just a legend.

Icon Text confusion:

When the mouse moved to a topic, there will be several function buttons: dialogue, broadcast can be clearly seen, but the last button with a pentagram icon, forgive me, I leng do not know what this function, I only know that some places are used to vote scores, As a result, when I struggled to position the mouse over this tiny icon, I found the "Favorites" text description. Tencent Micro Bo in the same location using the icon and text mix, this kind of unconventional let people admire, it is estimated that the creative staff want to fully test the user's network common sense how it. And Sina uses: NetEase uses:, too simple and clear, a glance to know what function, simply when the user is a fool, suggest to Tencent Micro-blog to learn the new style of mix and match, can not understand guessing is cool enough.

Conclusion: The details of the negligence, and the meaning of the icon is not clear, such details, although very small, but see this product planning and ued on the control of LAX.

Positioning confusion:

When you hear someone say the following in a public place: "I am listening to the radio xxx, I listened to the radio of 2000 people yesterday, today I was listening to 10,000 people," What do you think of the first time? Anyway, I'm going to be dizzy. Tencent Weibo has defined Twitter users as "Radio", and Weibo is defined as the "broadcast Hall", which focuses on someone as "listening." "Broadcast" is used to "listen" to this is of course, but we actually can not hear, only see. Some people may say too serious, Tencent is just a metaphor, but from the user experience point of view, you must first set the user as a fool, the fool can understand the experience is a good user experience. Tencent Weibo has subverted the original meaning of these two words, which has made users feel confused by calling them unconventional. On the feedback page I saw more than one person mention the strange listening. If it is used in the podcast podcast, may also say that more naturally, and used in Tencent Weibo is very far-fetched, and even caused misunderstanding.

Conclusion: It is amazing to die.

Logo confusion:

Tencent Weibo logo does not use the common and cute penguin image is unexpectedly, Keso think is two fertilized eggs, I think is a slip of the tongue, it should be like sperm, but I personally feel like two beams of fire, but MA in Weibo said this is the wind flying dandelion. Tencent Weibo and dandelion with the wind freely fluttering characteristics are really difficult to hook. Negative n a scheme to take out this logo is difficult to understand the meaning behind it, and the logo icon and Tencent itself is not linked to the symbol icon, this completely let me confused, this old horse do not know the next game of chess.

Of course, the above only mentioned a few Tencent Micro Bo confusion, other aspects of the shortcomings here is not much to say, countless, can not bear to say, even a lot of basic functions are seriously missing, not to mention innovation and play, this version could be said to be very failure. Tencent's money is more and more, but the product is more and more bad, still can not catch up with me a few years ago, the level of the planning of micro-blogging products, basic functions and user experience to achieve this level is really confusing.

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