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This spring, VOLVO XC60 SUV launched a new round of marketing activities, including the online site we introduced the experience.

This site is mainly facing the Nordic market.

Refer to "safest car", not Volvo.

So in the case of a brand-high awareness of how to do a niche market marketing, we see how they do:

1, do not talk about products, talk about life

A product has always been able to locate a group of core needs of people, XC60 as a high-end luxury sports multi-purpose car (SUV), he can apply to a variety of weather, a variety of road conditions. People who dream of owning such a multi-purpose car must not just want to travel through the steel forest, but they can actually walk into nature and experience life in another kind of fun. Volvo to "CROSS COUNTRY travels" as the theme of play, found the Nordic 50 Most beautiful place, look forward to the consumer can take XC60 together to go.

2, the big People's "small game"

To make the activity appear more interactive, the website kit also developed an iphone &android app to meet the needs. This app will show you how to drive 50 attractions, and "sign in" the badge mode, so that consumers feel that this is like a game, will try to collect all the badges (all badges are not network virtual, is physical), but also with me to the same place with strangers to become friends. The experience that travel brings to people is not simply to "look" only, give more unknown waiting to explore.

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