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You can read about other people's advice on this issue from many places, but many of the suggestions are just passing theories, and for a long time few people have really done tests, what works and what doesn't. I have done a serious comparison of this, below, you will be reading all the suggestions have been through my own experiments, and eventually set up a very successful website, the adoption of my experience and suggestions, I believe that you can achieve the same success.
Fundamentals of Search engines
There are two types of search engines: a purely technical search engine, such as Alta Vista and InfoSeek, whose principle is to collect and store information through the machine hand to your website, the other is the standard engine (also called the Classification directory), and do not collect any information about the website in real time. Instead, use the content of the online form that you filled out when you submitted your site.
The most important thing in all search engines is Yahoo!, be careful when registering with Yahoo!.
Create a list of keywords
First of all, you should seriously consider the most suitable for the site's keywords, because the keyword is to match with the words that the potential visitor is most likely to enter the search engine, the average user will first enter the generic vocabulary, and then gradually narrow down the scope of the keyword, for example, assuming you have a pet site, then the key word "pet" than "dog" The effect should be strong.
You can choose one of two types of keywords: a short, powerful, arranged position can be relied on, but the number of words is small, the other is a wide range, a large number of keywords, the order may be slightly behind.
suggestions on keywords and website descriptions
When submitting a site, you need to briefly describe the site, note that you want to describe your site rather than your company, the purpose is to let visitors have a preliminary understanding of the site, visitors to the site and then tell them your company status, your sales and so on. For the sake of users, the user may look for what, may use those keywords, the role of key words is very important.
Keyword TEST: On the main search engine to enter your key words, analysis of the ranking of the previous several sites, to see if you can add other keywords.
Plural form: preferably in a plural form. In order to inquire "pet", the user may enter ' pet ' or ' pets ', the key word ' pets ' is match to both kinds of situation, the effect is certainly better.
Generic vocabulary: Do not use common words such as ' web ', ' internet ', ' services ', and so on, the query results of input such keywords are likely to have millions of or even tens of millions of.

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