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Jedec released the latest dynamic memory--DDR4 in 2014. In the same year, Intel announced support for DDR4 from the Haswell architecture, AMD also announced this year that the next generation Apu would support DDR4. The information seems to push DDR4 to the main market position, as a part of the next generation of computer architecture, DDR4 seems to be listed will be a lot of PC enthusiasts hot. However, a year has passed, DDR3 the limelight, DDR4 is rarely.

September 2015, Intel launched the Skylake-s series of CPUs, whether i5-6600k or i7-6700k in performance are more than Haswell, instant attention to the market, the corresponding components of the demand. However, unlike the hot CPU market, DDR4 sales have been tepid, consumers in DDR3 and DDR4 between the wandering. For an article evaluation, no more than the word price, then we will look at the DDR4 performance and price.

  Price Chapter

DDR4 's current volume of single and set prices are still higher than the DDR3, but compared to the first half of the difference is less obvious.

According to data from the Taiwan state Technology, the 4GB 2133MHz DDR4 memory grains at the end of September 2015 were priced at $2.221, down 38.62% from six months ago. The decline in production costs is due to the gradual improvement of the production process, on the other hand, the competition between manufacturers is gradually fierce. Whatever the reason, however, it is a new reason for consumers to choose DDR4.

At present Kingston, Zhi Qi, pirate ship and other memory brands in the DDR4 prices have shrunk, with the capacity of the price and DDR3 is less and less.

At present, in the domestic electric Dealer website, the DDR4 8GB 2133MHz memory strip Price is about 350 yuan, only is higher than the same frequency 8GB DDR3 80 yuan RMB. 4GB capacity, Kingston Savage (hacker God) DDR3 2133MHz in the east on the price of 199 yuan, and the same configuration of the DDR4 is only 219 yuan, the difference is only 20 yuan.

▲DDR4-DDR3 Price Comparison Chart

Pirate ship Super High-end Dominator Platinum 4X4GB ddr4-2666 sold at the beginning of 1759.99 dollars, simply brutal, but now only 679.99 dollars (December 18, 2015 price), reduced by 61%. Its 4X4GB ddr4-3300 series is from the beginning of the 844.99 U.S. dollars came to 264.99 U.S. dollars, a decline of almost 70%, it is evident that the shanghaied of high-end memory has been from the King Xie Tang before the fall of the ground Phoenix Chicken.

▲dominator Platinum 4X4GB ddr4-2666 Price Trend Chart

With the market demand and the intensification of competition between manufacturers, DDR4 price will be lower, there has been a trend with DDR3, I believe that in 16 years the choice of the focus of the memory bar will shift from price to the performance of the architecture and platform of loyalty. At the end of 15, DDR4 was not a luxury option, and its prices were more in keeping with market rules. From enjoy high to potluck, sometimes is autumn Kungfu, when the new generation price is not a problem, then you have any reason to believe that DDR3 can still fight for 500 years.

  Performance Chapter

The DDR is the abbreviation of double Data rate, translates to double rate synchronous dynamic random memory, strictly say DDR should call DDR SDRAM. Among them, SDRAM is the abbreviation of synchronous dynamic Random access memory, namely synchronous dynamically random access memory. We often say ddr* and double speed synchronous dynamic random storage for the first * generation.

According to common sense, four-generation products in the production process and product performance listed must be higher than the same grade of three generations of products. So let's take a look at the place where DDR4 is superior to DDR3 in terms of performance and craftsmanship.

DDR4 as a new generation of memory devices, more than DDR3 has a higher frequency, 2133MHz Take-off, the highest frequency up to 3000MHz, higher frequency represents the efficiency of the memory bar, the current DDR4 high-end flagship default frequency can reach 3200MHz, each stitch provides 2Gbps ( 256MB/S) bandwidth, 70% higher than the 1866MHz DDR3.

At the same time, the contact point is increased from 240 to 284, and the distance between the contacts is shortened to 0.85mm. Smaller spacing not only represents more advanced productivity, more contacts to ensure the stability of signal transmission, but also to ensure that it and the motherboard card groove friction.

Capacity, the current mainstream DDR3 single capacity of about 8GB, and the use of 3DS stacking packaging technology DDR4 has the ability to upgrade capacity to 64GB, 8 times times the former. If your motherboard supports 4 channels, that 4*8GB memory is set enough to kill any 3 a game, and in the hardware crisis today, what can be more fun than the ability to crush the game.

In addition, the DDR4 voltage requirement was reduced to 1.2V. From DDR2 1.8V to now DDR4 1.2V, buck and low consumption gradually increase the life of the memory bar in other words, the DDR4 will be longer than DDR3.

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