[ZigBee] 2, ZigBee development environment construction

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This section describes the ZigBee Basic development environment building, the annex has the software described in this section ~


1, the IAR Embedded Workbench installation

  Step1, double-click the installer to install

  STEP2, always use the default next until after you click Accept:

  Step3, key : Double-click to open the file IAR kegen PartA.exe. Win7, 8 users right-click to open as Administrator

Step4, click Generate Copy License and LicenseKey to the next window ( Many people make a mistake here )

Step5, next always next!

2. Install SMARTRF Flash programmer and Emulator

  Step1, find the installation file Win7, 8 users right-click to open as an administrator, as prompted to install, after the above step-by-step installation diagram, if the error is generally installed on the computer 360 antivirus or firewall, temporarily closed and then re-installed, currently only found 360 will intercept.

Step2, after the installation is complete, double-click the desktop icon to open the software:

  Step3, first with the 10Pin cable to the emulator and the Development Board to connect, and then plug the USB one computer, the other end inserted in the emulator, please remember this order, after the change board debugging please unplug the USB, and then pull out the line and the bottom of the connection.
  Remember: That is, do not hot plug the line of the emulator, or you often have to press the emulator's RST, if the method is correct basically do not press the Reset key Oh. such as:

If the system is automatically installed, display Chipcon Srf04eb, or to manually reinstall the driver in the manager, the system default driver in the protocol stack download is abnormal phenomenon, with the emulator standard driver is better. Here's how:


  STEP4, install emulator driver, open "Device Manager" such as:

Click on the option below and select the 32-bit or 64-bit driver for your system in 003 of the given attachment

If the Device Manager appears as shown, the installation is successful:

Step5, open smartrf Flash Programmer will detect cc2530, as shown in (unrecognized CC2530 can press the emulator reset button):

3, program simulation and debugging

  You can open a project by double-clicking a project file in EWW format:

First compile the project, if there is no error click the Debug button, start to download the program and online simulation debugging, and then point to run full speed. At this point the LED1 interval is 1 seconds flashing. The IAR Debug interface appears:

Single step: F10 stepping through a C statement or assembly instruction
Enter function: F11 Trace executes a C statement or assembly instruction
Running at full speed: F5 Go


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[ZigBee] 2, ZigBee development environment construction

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