ZigBee 2530 Chip Learning (a) background understanding and ZigBee development Platform construction

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First, understand the basic knowledge of ZigBee

1) Three types of nodes, three roles--cc2530

Coordinator Coordinator: (only one) starts from it, assigns network addresses, allows the device to join or exit, and transmits datagrams.

Router Rooter: Large area network or tree network, used to find the best path, other same coordinator (cannot build network)

Terminal Enddivice: Joining or exiting the network, transferring data

2) network topology

star Topology (simplest, only terminal and node, ready for use), tree topology, mesh topology

3) Protocol and Protocol stack

Agreement: A broadly defined agreement in which both parties must meet to communicate

Protocol stack: The specific implementation of the Protocol, ZigBee protocol stack can be downloaded directly, there are many basic procedures, the following programming is from this.

(at present, summed up so much, later re-fill)

Second, the development platform to build

Serial Drive in Play 51 when the time has been installed, the final installation of a program is still a bit of a problem, IAR debugging and Keil almost, today ends, after refueling!

ZigBee 2530 Chip Learning (a) background understanding and ZigBee development Platform construction

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