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When the current user accepts an appointment invitation, its Free/busy status is displayed as busy, but when the user sets out of office, which is outgoing or out, the user state displays free. Management wants to implement settings when out of office, the Free/busy status is busy or outgoing. This means that the user's free/busy state and outgoing settings must be obtained.

The following are pre-research materials

Zimbra supports two development and expansion

1. Server-side extensions, using SOAP response points , such as adding accounts;

If you use SOAP to get server-side data, there is currently no code sample on the web that only finds a Java code that gets the number of unread messages through soap

There are many SOAP format APIs on Zimbra's official documents, such as adding appointments, and then getting appointments, getting free/busy information, and out -of-the-filter rules;

Getappointment Get appointment. Returns the metadata info for every Invite that makes up this appointment. Returns information about each appointment invitation
GetFreeBusy Get about free/busy information. Get information about free/busy
Getoutgoingfilterrules Get outgoing (can be translated as out-of-office) filter rules. Get an out-of-Office filter Rule



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To get the number of unread messages using soap:


2. The client uses Zimlet to add and replace various functions;

Zimbra uses the Zimlet Open Interface and interface framework to allow users to add new features that make it possible for businesses to customize to their own needs.

1. Add element hotspots, such as maps, schedules, apps, URLs, right-click a date in the message to schedule a meeting without leaving the message, and click the TV number to call the Softphone installed on your computer

2. Add new tab pages, such as corporate social networks;

3. Invoking third-party data, such as OA,CRM;

Zimbra Collaboration Kit Introduction: http://www.docin.com/p-249724152.html

Zimbra Official Wiki:https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/main_page

Zimbra Technical Documentation: http://www.doc88.com/p-5794763573310.html

Five minutes to develop a zimlet:http://www.docin.com/p-276272907.html

Zimbra Modified: http://aba.qzu.cn/archives/14.html

Zimbra SOAP Official information: https://files.zimbra.com/docs/soap_api/8.0/soapapi-zimbra-doc/api-reference/index.html

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Zimbra information about two developments

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