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Centos6.7 deploy the Zimbra email system environment

Centos6.7 deploy the Zimbra email system environment 1. installation environment Configuration 1) system: centos6.7 64 W Bit 2) software: zcs-8.6.0_GA_1153.RHEL6_64.20141215151155 3) ip Address: 2. Preparations before installation 1) configure the Host Name [Root @ lxb zcs] # vim/etc/sysconfig/networkNETWORKING = yesHOSTNAME = lxb.com 2) Configure DNS [Root @ lxb zcs] # vim/etc/resolv. conf ; Generated by/sbin/dhclient-scriptSearch lxb.

The Zimbra service does not start properly

1. Description of the problem 1) Zimbra Service Status: zimbra@mail:~$ Zmcontrol Status Host mail.example.com Antispam Running Antivirus Running LDAP Running Logger Running Mailbox Stopped Zmmailboxdctl is not running. MTA Running SNMP Running Spell Running Stats Running ZMCONFIGD Running zimbra@mail:~$ 2) Zim

The Zimbra service cannot be started normally.

1. Problem Description1) zimbra service status:Zimbra @ mail :~ $ Zmcontrol statusHost mail.example.comAntispam RunningAntivirus RunningLdap RunningLogger RunningMailbox StoppedZmmailboxdctl is not running.Mta RunningSnmp RunningSpell RunningStats RunningZmconfigd Running2) zimbra's/var/log/mail. log information is as follows:Mar 7 20:12:20 mail zimbramon [10875]: 10875: info: Starting snmp via zmcontrolMar 7 20:12:20 mail zimbramon [10875]: 10875: in

Zimbra Uninstall directions for linux/all other Operating Systems

Uninstall directions for Linux/all other Operating SystemsAs Root:1) Run the commands:Su–zimbraZmcontrol StopExit(You should is root after you run exit)2a) Run the command:ps-ef | grep-i zimbraIf you see Running processes2b) Kill any lingering processes:kill-9 3a) Run the command:DFIf you see "AMAVISD"3b) Run Command:umount/opt/zimbra/amavisd4)CD/5) Run the command:./install.sh-u6) Run The following commands to complete the unistall:Rm-rf/opt/zimbrarm

Zimbra enables SMTP Authentication and binds authentication logon and sender

Zimbra enables SMTP Authentication and binds authentication login and sender 1. smtp Authentication 1.1 modify mynetworks to log on to the zimbra background -- gt; global configuration -- gt; MTA -- gt; trusted network -- gt; -- gt; server configuration -- gt; MTA -- gt; trust network -- gt; reset to enable SMTP authentication for all zimbra a

In Ubuntu, you can easily build your own email Office System Based on zimbra.

1. Prerequisites: the Ubuntu system has been installed; the mail system is not installed; 2. Install the required software: sudoapt-getinstalllibc6-i686sudolibidn11curlfetchmaillibgmp3c2libexpat1libgetopt-mixed-perllibxml2libstdc ++ 6libpcre3libltdl3ssh3, get zimbra: wget 1. Prerequisites:The Ubuntu system has been installed;The email system is not installed;2. Install the required software:Sudo apt-get install libc6-i686 sudo libidn11 curl fetchmail

How does zimbra modify the default 7071 Management port?

Modify the Management port: Take modifying port 7071 to 8888 as an Example 1.ZmprovCommand ModificationZimbraadminportPort [Root @ mail ~] $ Su-zimbra [Zimbra @ mail ~] $ Zmprov MS mail.abs.com zimbraadminport 8888 2.Check whether the port number is successfully modified. [Zimbra @ mail ~] $ Zmprov GS mail.abs.com | grep zimbraadminport 3. zmlocalcon

Zimbra email server certificate expiration solution

Zimbra mail server certificate expiration solution generally, the certificate expires, the mailbox client will repeatedly enter the password, use the web version to log on, you cannot log on successfully, after entering the command management interface, if you use the following operations, an error occurs. [Zimbra @ zcs ~] $ Zmcontro... zimbra mail server certifi

Resolve expiration of Zimbra mail server

Under normal circumstances, the certificate expires, the mailbox client will be repeated input password, use the web version of the login, unable to login successfully, enter the command management interface, use the following operation, there will be a mistake. [Zimbra@zcs ~]$ Zmcontrol StatusUnable to determine enabled services Fromldap.Unable to determine enabled services. Cache is out of date ordoesn ' t exist.There are 4 possible reasons for thi

Zimbra 8.x Installation RapidSSL

A self-signed certificate is automatically generated when the Zimbra is installed, but I have previously applied for a wildcard certificate in RapidSSL, so just upload the certificate.The files that download the certificate first include the following (the wildcard certificate that was purchased is the previous prefix is star)1. server Certificate CRT STAR.XXXX.COM.CRT2. Server Private key STAR.xxxx.com.key3, Root certificate Ca-bundle CA-BUNDLE.CRT a

Zimbra mail management system 0 day caused by LFI

Zimbra is a company that uses many email systems and may involve many internal secrets, so it is extremely important. This is the day: exploit-db.com that was issued on the http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/30085/ a few days ago. The local File Inclusion Vulnerability shows localconfig. xml, and the file contains the LDAP credential. The credential is used by the API in the/service/admin/soap file to perform unauthorized operations on the mail system

Zimbra add external mailbox account SSL Error problem handling

Today, the test in Zimbra's mailbox to add their own external mailbox account, to achieve the external external mail automatically charged to my Zimbra mailbox; because my external mail server only allows secure access to POP3 and IMAP services in SSL encryption, because of security considerations, you must enable S SL transmission, the result of the account configuration to the Zimbra mailbox when you enco

Zimbra Two-time development related Materials

GetFreeBusy Get about free/busy information. Get information about free/busy Getoutgoingfilterrules Get outgoing (can be translated as out-of-office) filter rules. Get an out-of-Office filter Rule See:https://files.zimbra.com/docs/soap_api/8.0/soapapi-zimbra-doc/api-reference/index.html 650) this.width=650; "title=" QQ picture 20160420155911.png "Src=" http://s2.51cto.com/w

Zimbra Mail system Common command-line operation

Zimbra Open Source Messaging system command line common operations Change HTTP login mode to HTTP\HTTPS login mode $ Zmprov ms Zimbramailsslport (change HTTPS to non 443 port) $ zmtlsctl Http\https $ tomcat RESTARTSMTP Authentication Error Resolution Zmprov ms ' zmhostname ' zimbramtaauthhost mail.example.com log Server error Resolution $ Zmprov GetConfig Zimbraloghostname $ Zmprov modifyconfig zimbraloghostname mail.domain.com View System para

How to change SMTP Banner, Helo,ehlo Greetings for Zimbra

1-take Zimbra Backup or VM snapshot before doing any changes2-enter the following command to change SMTP Banner:# Su-zimbra$ zmlocalconfig-e postfix_smtpd_banner= "yourmailserver.yourdomain.com"3-then If you want to change Helo/ehlo names, enter:$ Zmprov mcf zimbramtamyhostname yourmailserver.yourdomain.com4-if want to disable adding x-originating (Client's Internal-lan IP) to email headers:$ Zmprov mcf ZIM

Introduction to Zimbra Mail Server Management

Add Administrator account: Zmprov CA testadmin@test.com Password Zimbraisadminaccount TRUE Upgrade existing account as Administrator: Zmprov ma test@test.com zimbraisadminaccount TRUE Add ordinary Account: Zmprov CA test@test.com Password Delete ordinary account: Zmprov da test@test.com Reset Password: Zmprov sp test@test.com Pawwsord Query mysql password: zmlocalconfig-s |grep pass |grep MySQL Query mailbox usage: Zmprov gqu mail.test.com Query Specify Mailbox details: Zmprov gmi test@te

Zimbra Memecache attacked

Tags: Zimbra attacked Zimbra Port memcacheReceived a colleague to notify the host cannot log inand network colleagues to see after the increase in traffic, due to switch speed limit 100m, resulting in abnormal service, alarm constantly.Temporarily release the speed limit after the discovery of Zimbra server traffic is too high 1G,Log in to the host and found to b

Zimbra front-end view

ZimbraAn open-source email software. Its interface is simple, but its functions are complete. Let me take a look. The zimbra page uses jstl to generate a large number of pages: 1. jsp page: some pages use jsp pages and tag libraries. 2. jstl: custom tag library. For example, h/search, search uses the app tag, app: view, app: convListView, app: overView 3. js ...... Today, we will focus on zimbra's homepage. For the common homepage, see/

Zimbra ways to add users in bulk

Zimbra is a Linux system under an open source mailbox system. Recently there are companies to let all employees use the company's mailbox system, the original more than 200 users to new and more than 400 users.Ubuntu switch to the Zimbra user below, go to the/opt/zimbra/bin/directory and add it using the following command. Use Excel to generate CSV text separated

Zimbra uses the zmprov command to create a group and authorize the group to send emails.

The zmprov tool can execute many tasks, such as creating accounts, aliases, domain names, cos, lists, and calendars. For the email administrator, zmporv is a powerful tool in CLI (command line interface) for daily work. Of course, you can also perform these operations on the Administrator console. // Email Environment System centos6.4, zimbra7 Zimbra works normally and the domain name uses zijian.com The created test users include user1, user2, u

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