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I don't know how often I had my archive in ZTE's talent pool and called me to ask me for an interview. It would be fun if I had nothing to do.

When I went up one night last week, a team lead brought two people together, mainly for my projects, especially the technical questions mentioned in my resume, for example, I asked me: IDL of CORBA, it takes several steps to connect to and operate the database using the CORBA mechanism. The multi-threaded synchronized enables a simple synchronous int code. Then, you can ask what you have learned and what projects you have done.

I went to an interview with their minister at noon today, and it was easy because I had a playful attitude. There was an episode in the middle. I wore detachable trousers, so I wore shorts when I went to work because I was afraid of being hot. The doorman told me that shorts were not allowed, fortunately, when my family sent me, they took a half-width clip and moved it into the room. (I don't know if ZTE allowed women in skirts to enter the door, or there was a limit on the length of skirts ).

The minister first looked at my resume and asked a few questions about the same sequence, such as when I graduated and how long I have been working. I thought my resume was clear and asked me why. After passing through the course, I started my question and asked me how much I am paying now. I said that my monthly salary is XXXX, which is before tax. After a while, I realized that there would be no result today. He said that ZTE has a rule that I can only give XXXX a maximum of one year of work, and I still have less than one year. The first year of the year-end award is not much, and I will only get more after one year. Then I asked me what I wanted to ask. I asked when there was any annuities for share sharing. He seemed a little surprised to me. Maybe I didn't think I would ask these questions. The answer is not simple. I just said that I certainly didn't come in. I have to work for more than two or three years to become the backbone, and how can I count as an internal secret. A few words will pop up.

After several interviews, my experience is that companies like Huawei ZTE have already formed a large scale with strict salary requirements and limited salary increases for old employees, there is also a ceiling on the salaries of new employees. This is to prevent dissatisfaction with other employees. It is to be fair. Therefore, if you want to enter these organizations, you should go in after graduation. If you want to change jobs with good treatment, you need to make it clear that after you enter the Organization, the treatment will not necessarily exceed the present, and the talents in the Organization will help you, is it true that you can start your career. It is worth a try for those who do not have a high salary. After all, they can also improve their own salary, and the internal processes of those enterprises are still relatively standard.

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