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The following is a detailed description of the types of statistical tools used by a blog. I will list the final results:

Google Analytics + Yahoo statistics + clicki

I personally suggest you add feedsky if your website has many RSS subscriptions.


What statistical tools does a blog need? This is a problem that has plagued many blogger and is also a general problem, because different levels of Blogger have different requirements on the statistical system. If blog writing is purely for you, it cannot be regarded as a strict blogger. The demand for the statistical system is only for future convenience. If you write a blog to share your feelings, opinions, and gains, you have to take the user into consideration. The statistical system also needs to reflect more user data. If you want to make extra profits by placing ads on your blog, you also need to provide advertisers with various blog statistics to prove the value of the ads. In this case, you need authoritative statistics, such as free Google Analytics and various commercial statistical tools (generally, blogger cannot use them ). To consider blogging as a profession, you need to use more tools to understand users, optimize content, and maximize revenue. However, most people write a blog to share it with their friends. It is the best way to make money. It doesn't matter if you don't make any money. What kind of statistical system should these blogger choose?
Chen zhongmugu put forward his requirements for the blog statistics system in this article, which are roughly as follows:

    1. Real-time: real-time online users, visitor sources, and visitor behavior;
    2. Integration: Integrate the statistics of RSS reader with those of the web page;
    3. Web elements: blogs are personalized, and statistical blog tools should keep pace with the times to provide customized services.

According to some of my surveys and communication with some well-known blogger in China, I summarized the basic requirements for their selection of statistical tools:

    1. Service stability. This is the most basic requirement and the most prone to problems.
    2. Fast. Speed is also the most basic requirement for users to choose a statistical system. Therefore, many people with educational networks have abandoned some excellent foreign statistical tools.
    3. Simple and practical. Most blogs are non-commercial and do not require complex statistical functions.
    4. Real-time statistics. Learn the latest blog information through real-time statistics
    5. RSS statistics support. This is especially important for blogger users who subscribe to RSS.
    6. The interface is fresh. It is annoying to include all kinds of advertisements in the statistics background.
    7. Personalization. When the statistical tool is a thousand people, blogger wants to integrate more personalized things into the statistical tool.
    8. Easy to use. By directly displaying statistics on the website, you can view the statistics by yourself and readers. Send statistics by email and IM.
    9. Data authority. For some blogger with sponsors, it is essential to provide persuasive statistics for advertisers.

We can analyze the current mainstream statistical tools based on the above nine items:

Portal website statistics system: Google Analytics, Yahoo statistics, Microsoft Gatineau and Baidu statistics. The service is stable, data is authoritative, and advertisers recognize it as an advantage of all portal website statistical tools.

The Google Analytics interface is fresh, and the dashboard can be customized. It is powerful and complex. It is an excellent tool for small and medium-sized commercial websites to perform data analysis, but it is not suitable for personal blogs, especially for beginners; the GA service is not fully localized, so the speed is slow. What makes blogger uncomfortable is that real-time statistics are not provided, which is too stingy.

Yahoo statistics soon won praise. After the trial, it feels simpler than Google Analytics, and the interface settings are more in line with Chinese habits. Yahoo Statistics provides some real-time data, such as real-time PV/UV/IP, and real-time visitor sources.

At present, Microsoft Gatineau is still in the internal invitation test phase. It is said that its functionality is comparable to that of Google Analytics, so powerful as to identify the gender of visitors.

Baidu Statistics is currently in the beta test phase. The interface is similar to GA. The traces of plagiarism are very serious, and the highlights are not displayed.

Professional domestic statistical tools include 51la, cnzz, and 51yes. These service providers are not as stable and fast as the Statistics Service of the portal website. Statistical functions are basically available, among which 51la can provide partial real-time statistics. As these service providers do not have a better profit model in addition to advertisements, the statistics background is filled with all kinds of advertisements, and the entire background is messy.CodeThe trojan virus is hidden in the dark, so it is better to have less identification capability.

Professional feed statistical tools: If your blog has many RSS subscribers, feedburner and feedsky should not be unfamiliar. Feedburner, as the best RSS statistics service provider, was launched shortly after Google's acquisition, so many domestic users switched to feedsky. Whether you are willing or not, feedsky is a good choice.

International Web2.0 statistical system: in the past two years, many foreign Web2.0 statistical systems have come out. Innovative statistical functions include clicktale, crazyegg, and getclicky. Innovative statistical social applications and Widget applications include mybloglog, amung. Us, and feedjit.

In addition to brief statistics on access information, clicktale records the time each user browses different pages. The cool function is to record every action on the website, even the movement of the mouse can be recorded, just like a screen recorder. However, this is of little significance to most blog users and has a high commercial value.

Crazyegg is a tool used by heatmap to analyze Web page Click conditions. It can help you record each click on the page to see which links are more easily clicked. It is convenient for you to optimize the website structure design. Crazyegg's advantage lies in its improvement of website layout through heatmap instead of website statistical indicators to better serve readers. Crazyegg is not suitable for general blog users.

Getclicky positioned itself as web analytics 2.0, both functional and interface refreshing. Getclicky provides two embedding Methods: JS Code and Image Code. This is a good news for some BSP users. The spy function provided by getclicky for Pro users can monitor any behavior on the website in real time. Getclicky can output statistical results through RSS, which is very convenient for users who are used to using RSS reader.

Mybloglog many blogger are familiar with it. This is a footprint System Based on the statistics platform. It shows on the blog which mybloglog users have accessed their blogs, its background also provides simple statistical functions. Mybloglog has been popular in foreign countries for a while, but after being acquired by Yahoo, there will be no major moves.

Feedjit is an application launched in August this year. It initially only provides a real-time source display list. Later, it added plug-in applications such as visitor geographic location and popular post, which is a good widget application.

Amung. US provides real-time online users, real-time visitor geographic locations, and visitor online graphs. The overall feeling is that the interface looks good, but there is little practical information available. You can try blogger that you like.

This year, several blog statistics applications have also been launched in China. nasboq and clicki are two outstanding blog statistics applications.

There are many site statistics and analysis tools, but there are few blog statistics tools, and nasboq is one of the best among them, compared with general site statistics (such as Yahoo statistics, it provides more blog analysis data, such as statistics on Blog RSS readers, the number of Indexed search engines, and the number of reverse links.

Clicki originated from the early Referer plug-in for reverse link statistics. It is one of the earliest web that uses widgets to provide statistics services in China. In terms of the statistical function, clicki discards a wide range of early statistical tools and focuses on the four major indicators of blog attention: single-page statistics, source statistics, click statistics, and visitor statistics, with its unique data association design, four statistical indicators can be linked to facilitate jump between different indicators. In terms of statistical data display, clicki is widely used to display the real-time visitor source display, visitor click statistics, and visitor source statistics that are most important to the blog on the user's website through widgets, it provides the greatest convenience for users to view statistics.

The above statistical tools have obvious features, but none of them can meet all the requirements of a blogger. Therefore, the best choice is to use them together. My experience is that one or two stable portal website statistics services and one or two personalized statistics services will be selected, which will slow down. My current combination is Google Analytics + Yahoo statistics + clicki

Google Analytics is the earliest, used and authoritative. Yahoo statistics are relatively simple to use and sometimes compared with Google Analytics. Mybloglog has been used for a while and is now removed. Clicki is mainly used to view Real-time visitor sources and click statistics.

This article is written by Eric Tong. You are welcome to leave a message to us about what statistical tools your blog uses and why they are used.

Link to the original article: What kind of statistical tools does the blog need ?.

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