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Yesterday, I occasionally saw a colleague applying for a domain name. I also followed the crowd and looked at it. I found that there were no numbers or commonly used English words. I saw a domain name. CC, and my colleague said this was good. Many of them were not registered, and now they are running on .. CC has never heard of it before. Bai YiYi is a knowledgeable person. Some websites that handle domain name registration are described as follows: "Chinese. CC is called" commercialcompany "(commercial company) It can also be understood as the Chinese company, which has been upgraded to the international top-level domain name by the international Internet management center .", Even more, Nike also registered a. CC domain name. Enter www. Nike. CC and check that it was fooled. It was not Nike, but the home of people in lunar November.

It seems that there are more and more network scams. At last, I saw a piece of news on xinhuanet and finally got a positive solution for. CC domain names.
CC is very similar to the well-known top-level domain name. CN in China. Wang Yun, a domain name expert, explained that the so-called Chinese. CC domain name is just A country domain name in an island country and region is not a so-called international top-level domain name, and has no contact with. CN.
CC is actually a top-level domain name for countries and regions in Cocos Islands (Cocos Islands). It is operated by a commercial company. International Domain The name management organization ICANN has never set up the generic top-level domain name commercialcompany. According to the domain name system Announcement of the Ministry of Information Industry, The top-level domain name of a Chinese domain name is "Chinese. cn ". Chinese. CC is actually just a Chinese domain name suffixed with the top-level domain name of an island country. As Chinesecompany is also misleading for profit. In addition, according to the ICANN classification standard, only "country and region top-level domain names exist "And" General top-level domain names ", there is no such statement as" international top-level domain names.

However, when I see a domain name registration website, the Chinese. CC price is more expensive than other websites, and I cannot tell whether it is Li GUI or Li Miao.

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