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What is a domain name?

The domain name is the unique name of the website, such as and

Registration is required. After a domain name is registered, it will be added to a large domain name registrar, together with information related to your website-including the IP address information saved on the DNS server.

DNS refers to the domain name system ). The DNS server is responsible for notifying other computers on the Internet about your domain name and address.

Domain name registration

You can use a domain name registration company to register a domain name, such as

These companies provide interfaces for querying available domain names and domain name suffixes that can be registered at the same time.

Domain name registrars can provide registration with multiple domain name suffixes, but the most easily remembered domain names are. com and. net. Most Popular domain names with these two suffixes have already been registered.

Select your domain name

Selecting a domain name is an important step for any individual or organization.

When domain names are registered in large quantities, the new domain name suffix and creative ideas can still provide thousands of great choices. When selecting a domain name, it is very important to consider the use of the domain name, so that people can easily find your website. Excellent domain names have the following features:

Brief-People do not like typing! The shorter the domain name, the more accessible it is, and the less likely the user will be wrong.

Brief-Meaningless short domain names may not be good. is only 8 characters long, but not easy to input or remember. Therefore, please select a domain name that is easily understood and relevant to your website.

Clear-When selecting a domain name, clarity is also important. Avoid Selecting domain names that are hard to spell or pronounce. In addition, it should be noted that the domain name you selected does not sound pleasing to the ears. Can you communicate quickly by phone.

Impression-Just as high-performance real estate projects can achieve extremely high exposure, short and easy-to-remember domain names are also an asset. In addition to the visitor's use of your domain name, you should also consider the search engine. The search engine indexes and rates Your Website Based on the relevance of Online Search items. To maximize your website exposure, You can include related search items in your domain name. Of course, the premise is that the domain name you select should be brief, clear, and meaningful.

Subdomain name

Most people do not realize that subdomain names are used every day. The most common "www" is actually a typical subdomain name. Sub-domain names can be found in DNS

It is created on the server and does not need to be registered by the domain name registrar. Of course, you must register the original domain name before creating a subdomain name. We can see examples of many subdomain names on the Internet: and

You can request your website host provider to create a subdomain name or manage your DNS server.

Fake domain name-directory list

Some providers may provide you with a unique name under its domain name:

This is not a real domain name, but a directory-it should be avoided as much as possible.

Such a URL is not worth it, especially for the company. So avoid using it, if you can pay for the domain name. The typical use of such URLs is to use ISP for personal websites or free websites. In fact, it is to share an independent domain name and provide users with their own addresses.

The full competition between domain name registrars has greatly reduced the registration fees for domain names. All such domain name sharing methods are increasingly rare, because it takes only $15 to register your own domain name.

Expired Domain Name

Another source of domain name registration is an expired domain name. After you have registered a domain name, if there is no legal or trademark dispute, you only need to pay the fee (you can pay the fee for 10 years in advance ), you can use it for any long time. Some people use domain names for speculation, hoping to sell them in the future, while others do not plan to use a domain name. The result is that the previously registered domain name will become a registrable status on a regular basis. You can query the latest expired domain name through the website, if you want to register, you need to pay the same fee as registering a new domain name.

Use your domain name

After you have selected and registered your own domain name, you must use it on all your web pages and all emails, such as emails and traditional emails.

It is important to let others know your domain name. Tell your partners and customers your domain name.

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