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With the popularity of the Internet, the value of the domain name has gradually been recognized by the people. Domain name investment has the characteristics of less investment, lower risk and higher return rate. But it is not lucrative, he needs investors have the relevant expertise, the market has an accurate grasp, in order to gain more benefits from it. This article will be a simple introduction to the domain name of an important part of investment-domain name registration.
Domain name registration is a domain name before being registered, the domain name in the name of the registered person to register the behavior.
Due to the late development of internet in China, many good international domain names have been divided up by the developed countries such as Europe and America. So, do we still have room to play? The answer is yes.
We know that the international domain name requires the registrant to deliver a certain amount each year. If the registrant forgets to renew for some reason, the domain name will be kicked out after expiration, and there will be many good domain names. As long as you can beat others first step, in their own name registered, then she is yours. (Of course, you have to remember to renew, or the expiration of the same will be kicked out, a lot of good domain is so kicked out of the OH)
Then how can we be more than others to pre-empt a step, register to their favorite domain name?
First, choose reputable domain name registrars.
Domain name registration, transfer and so on a series of links need to be completed through the domain name registrar. So this step is very important, you choose the wrong you will wait to cry. If you are already on the shanghaied, please be your condolences.
As long as the economy allows, please deal directly with the top registrars as far as possible. Do not choose to act as agent for cheap price or other reasons. Because of this, the future will likely bring a lot of unnecessary trouble.
At present, the domestic registrar, Word-of-mouth is relatively good to have if, new network interconnection and so on.
(After the introduction of the Domain name registration tool, will be a new network interconnection do example)
Second, the domain name that is kicked out after the query expires
To rush the domain name, first we need to know which domain names to fall and when to drop.
Check it out? Of course not, there are many websites that provide this query service.
Here are several sites recommended by the author:
You can query the domain name that has been deleted, unfortunately, the domain name is usually deleted after a day to query.
A friend who is confident and has a good eye can come here to look for it, and perhaps even find something good to do. I sell the first domain name is here to Amoy. But now the site offers only a partial search results. To get more information, I had to pay for it.
2, can find the domain name that will be kicked out in the next few days. Accuracy Rate >99%
(Note: Convert to Beijing time.) For example, January 1 off the domain name, is actually in Beijing time January 2 2 o'clock in the morning-4 points deleted)
3, Http://
To remove the domain name of the world rankings (, PR value (Google's importance assessment) and so on.

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