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Mozilla Firefox is a free, open source browser for Windows, Linux and MacOS x platforms, which are small in size and fast, with some other advanced features.

1. Arbitrary scale text Size

In IE browser, we can only five of the size of the text to adjust, but in Firefox Firefox browser, we can arbitrarily scale the size of the text. The operation of the method is very simple, just click the menu "view → text size", in the submenu can see magnification, zoom out and normal three options, click the appropriate options, but also can use shortcut keys to quickly set.

2. Search the Web page in the Favorites folder

Favorites in the collection of a lot of web site addresses, usually not too tidy, so when you want to find one of the Web site address will be very troublesome, in Firefox Firefox browser can search favorites. Click on the menu "bookmark → manage Bookmark", in the pop-up "bookmark Manager" to enter the keyword to search for, press ENTER after you can search for the relevant site name and address of the Favorite folders.

3. View part of the source code

In Firefox firefox browser, in addition to the "view → View source code" to view the source of the Web page, you can also view the local source code, as long as we use the mouse to select the part of the source code to see, and then click the right mouse button to select "View selected source code", this will pop up a display of the Source code window , the selected part of the page is the source code of the selected part of the webpage.

4. Set multiple pages as the home page

In IE browser can only set a homepage, now with Firefox can be set up multiple home page. First, use Firefox browser Firefox browser to open the homepage to set up a number of Web sites, then click on the menu "tools → options", click on the Desktop in the Options dialog "basic Information", and then in the "Home" column, click the "Use the current multiple Pages" button to the current open a few pages at the same time as the home page.

Edit tip: If you want to set the homepage of the Web site has been saved in the Favorites folder, click the "Use Bookmarks" button in the window, from the Favorite folder to select the site as the homepage of the browser.

5. Selective deletion of cookies

Cookies files can be deleted in Firefox Firefox, so that we can delete unwanted cookies. Click "Tools → options" On the menu, click "Privacy" on the left in the Options dialog, then click "Cookies" on the right, and click on the "Stored Cookies" button in the displayed content. Then you can see in the pop-up window all the cookies stored in the local computer, select the Delete on the above, click the "Remove Cookies" button below can be deleted, if you want to delete all the click the "Remove All Cookies" button.

Firefox Firefox can also manage files that are downloaded directly from the browser. Click the menu "tools → downloads" will pop up the "Downloads" window, when the browser to download the file, where you can display the status of the download file, but also click on the Back button to pause or cancel the download of the file. Click the "Options" button in the window to set the Save directory for the downloaded file. If you want to clear the download file displayed in the window, just click the "Organize" button in the window.

Tips for using:

In the process of using Firefox Firefox, have you encountered many such or such problems, but have not found the answer? The techniques listed below will help you quickly grasp the use of Firefox.

Q: How to improve Firefox browsing speed?

A: Enter About:config in the address bar and turn on Firefox settings. Set both Network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining to True to The network.http.pipelining.maxrequests is set at 8 or greater, and the speed will be greatly improved.

Q: Questions about tab tab?

A: Firefox browser does not need plug-ins to support. You can use the hotkey ctrl+t,ctrl+w to turn labels on and off. You can also put the buttons on the toolbar by customizing the toolbar.

Q: Where are Firefox settings and extensions and bookmarks stored?

A: Firefox plug-ins are installed in the Windows System User Configuration directory, usually this directory is called: "C:documents and Settingsadmin-istratorapplication DATAMOZILLAFIREFOXPROFILESNQ1Y0AA. Default User "(this directory may vary depending on your installation settings for Windows), if you back up this directory before reinstalling the system, you will not have to reinstall the plugin after reloading There are also special plug-ins to save extensions and settings to choose from.

Q: How does Firefox achieve tab paging browsing functions like Maxthon?

A: Firefox itself built-in paging browsing function, you can hold down the CTRL key click or directly with the mouse button click on the link will be able to open a new page in the new tab, if you find this too troublesome, Firefox also has a lot of tabs to browse the expansion of your choice. Here is a recommended tabextensions, it provides you with the tab browsing function is much more powerful than the Maxthon.

Q: How does Firefox use download tools such as FlashGet?

A: Firefox itself provides a powerful download manager, support continued transmission, in the manager directly to open the download file functions, but some friends still want to be able to use FlashGet and other professional download software, Firefox has many extensions can complete such a function, I recommend to you flashgot, after installation will expand your right button menu, you are directly on the download link right button can choose to download with FlashGet.

Q: How does Firefox install XPI extensions?

A: In the Firefox menu, choose file → open, and then select the xpi extension file to install. Later you can see Firefox will ask you if you want to install the plugin, click "Yes", note that the newly installed plug-ins must be restarted after the Firefox to take effect (Close all Firefox windows, including extensions, themes, etc.).

Q: How does Firefox install Jar theme files?

A: There are some topics to download after. Jar Package compression, if you want to install, first open Firefox, and then open the Tools-themes Theme Management window, and then drag the. jar file directly to this window, will start the installation. After the installation is complete, restart Firefox. Similarly, do you want to Cheihui 魈 badger? You can also select the theme you want in the theme window, and then restart Firefox.

Q: How do I get Firefox to use multiple configuration files?

A: After Firefox starts with the/p parameter, you can open Firefox's Profile Manager, where you can add deletes and select your profile. This way you can use a different configuration for surfing. Note that the plugins and themes in the different configuration files are also independent. In other words, you can install two different plugins in two different configuration files.

In the case of the default installation, enter the following command in the start of Windows-Run dialog box. You can make changes based on the location of your Firefox installation: "C:Program Filesmozilla FirefoxFirefox.exe"/p

Q: How to change the size of the text on the page?

A: In the Friefox menu, select tool Options basic information font and color language encoding Select Simplified Chinese, the smallest font set to 12, and then look at the page on the text will be different. Or use the shortcut key CTRL + "+"/"-" To change the font page size.

Q: How do i customize Firefox's temporary file hosting address?

A: Open the Firefox browser address bar input About:config after the return, will appear firefox detailed configuration page. Right-click to create a new string named Browser.cache.disk.parent_directory and then enter the path to the temporary file. For example: D:temp Files

Q: What if you encounter a version error when installing a plugin?

A: In the Address bar input: About:config Open Firefox detailed configuration page, find: App.extentions.version After the number is the version number, changed to the plug-in supported version number, and then install Plug-ins can be.

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