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Google has released another new version of Google. This new Google stuff may cause us to lose our job. What are our so-called web developers? Isn't it page creator?

Haha, joke. If the so-called web developer === page creator is true, then the so-called programmers are really sad. Of course, I am not a tool. Those who always complain about being snatched by some tool may not be professional.

Let's get down to the truth.

About Google Page creator

The current Google Page creator is really simple. His goal is to provide a tool that allows people to easily create web pages online using browsers. Then, your web page will be easily published on the network. Google provides servers and domain names. In short, Google wants to simplify the entire process, making page creator work easy.

Google also provides two images to give us a glimpse.

Address 1:

Address 2:

You can see that. In fact, the current function is still very simple. However, this is somewhat different, so let me come slowly.

GoogleContinue to challenge Microsoft's Market

While using Gmail, I felt the powerful and convenient Google editor. The editor provided by Gmail, despite its limited functions, is indeed easy to use. Lenovo Google does have this idea recently. In addition, the emergence of Google Page creator makes it difficult to find that Google is launching an impact on Microsoft's traditional office market.

Functionality is not strong enough, but it doesn't matter. The most important thing is convenience. After all, Web is not a local desktop application, but it must be limited. However, convenience is the first important factor in the development of Web over the years. The lack of functionality is often only the excuse of the opposition in the early stages of development. Because facts always prove that human wisdom is great. Even if we were initially built on the request-Response Web model, we were able to develop such a colorful web development technology. What other functions can we not do?

But Google is not stupid. It is too early to protect the Web Office. Not only is the function not strong, but it is also easy to surprise Microsoft. Therefore, what Google is currently working on is to integrate some office functions with actual web applications. Imagine there is always a text editor for writing emails, so there is no problem with Google. Microsoft also calls word in outlook, right?

Google now wants to create a Google Page creator. There is always something like FrontPage when creating a webpage, right? So it seems reasonable. In addition, Google has advantages for Microsoft, because it can add other processes and optimize them together. The web page you created with Google Page creator is released immediately. You don't have to worry about other issues. In most cases, this is enough. Google cannot provide complex functions. So good, Google provides an interface that you can directly import the webpage you wrote with FrontPage. Google continues to take charge of other work. Haha, have you read it? MS was used by others for the first time.

If Google continues to provide the Excel and PPT functions, it will look like we open the browser for office.

AjaxStrong supporter

How can we implement such powerful functions technically? Ajax is probably the best choice. Whether you use MS clickonce, Sun Web Start or flash, is it Google? Can such applications be quickly pushed to the market? That's a big risk. You always have to watch the eyes of these big factories. OK, Google is Google!

However, the same thing gives our Ajax supporters a firm confidence. Ajax is widely held by many people. Just like the debate on which language is better on major forums, the debate has been nagging. In fact, the simplest thing is to make your products (or services better) Speak!

However, we should also reflect on our Ajax application. Why are we using the same technology different from others? Why are we always trying to get the most out of the box while Google is focusing on the most important user experience? Why?

Then I think, like the old saying in China, it's a horse and a horse!

BlogNew Era?

In any case, the blog is indeed on fire. However, blog does have many shortcomings. For example, my blog on csdn looks ugly and has no personality. Although there are also personalized methods, they are troublesome and limited.

If everyone uses Google Page creator to create their own personalized homepage, publish their own blog on this homepage. Then these blogs will be easily integrated and published. Why not? Don't forget. What about Google's search engine!

Is it the new age of blog?

Software Service Age

What I care about is that Google not only provides Google Page creator, but also provides servers and domain names and services between them.

This is a revolutionary change. An important feature that distinguishes web from web1.0 is that the software must be a platform-based service. What did Google provide? Tools, platforms, and servers. Google does not interfere with any user's operations. It just provides a place for you to better enjoy your life, or provide services. The rest is that Google stepped back to the background and watched users' performances.

In addition, all user data is stored on Google servers. Google's ability to process data is obvious; otherwise, how can it be used as a search engine. Now, Google is trying to collect its own data. Who knows what shocking behavior Google can make in this data? Let's wait and see.

Gradually, Google began to change to a kind of culture or environment.

I remember this sentence in Ruby's book. I think it seems appropriate to put it here:

The stone has started rolling. It will became a great mountain and fill the whole earth.

Coofucoo Zhang


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