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The benefits of anonymous browsing are numerous-private personal data collected by cookies, or you don't want to disclose the location of the Internet, whatever the motivation, IE9 's InPrivate Browsing mode allows you to surf the web without leaving traces.

At the same time, cookies and other files are not saved on the hardware driver when using InPrivate browsing. Even better, the entire browsing search history has been automatically erased.

The InPrivate Browsing mode in IE9 is only a few simple steps to start:

Start IE9 Browser First (click here to download IE9 Windows 7 32-bit)

Click on the "gear" icon in the upper right corner of the browser window, after the Pull-down menu, select "Safe", and then click "InPrivate" after the level two menu appears.

Computer knowledge

Note: This step uses the hotkey combination ctrl+shift+p to start

When the settings are complete, the new IE9 window (shown below) prompts you InPrivate browsing is turned on. Now let's look at how InPrivate browsing works.

By enabling InPrivate Browsing mode, any page that is browsed by the user will follow the InPrivate browsing rules: Browsing history, Cookies, temporary files, and other data are not written to the hardware driver.

Also, note that when you start InPrivate Browsing the Web, ie all extensions and toolbars are not available by default. However, the privacy options set by IE9 can be adjusted.

Editorial Reviews: IE9 's tracking protection also protects users from browsing the web, but InPrivate implanted in Ie8,windows XP can set IE8 through the author's tutorial. Of course, IE9 users can also start InPrivate protection, let IE automatically delete data, so that security protection without omissions.

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