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First thought, maybe this search box is I mistakenly disabled, but, looked through the entire browser, also did not find the open option, and then entered the "Internet options", carefully looked for again, also did not find the desired settings. Later, the idea of using the IE repair tool to try, the search box will be restored.

The specific resolution steps are as follows:

  IE browser search box missing solution Step one: Reset Browser repair

1, found no search box on the browser, the first idea, of course, in the browser itself to find a solution to the settings, first in the browser window menu to look for, the general settings in the "View" and "tools" of the two menu, first open "view" to see, there is no "show the Search box" option.

2, then to the "Tools" menu this item to see, open the "tool", there is no relevant options, in IE browser, there is an important setting, that is, "Internet options", select this item.

3, after entering the Internet Options window, under the "General", select "Search" this item, click the "Settings" button to see if it can find the "show the Search box" option. After clicking, you enter the admin add-in and there is nothing to display the search box options.

4, after exiting the admin add-in, and then open the "advanced" item of Internet options, after entering, in the "Settings" list, you can not find the settings to display the search box. Finally, there is no way, we have to reset the entire browser settings,

5, after entering the Reset window, which has introduced to reset which items, prompts will all the cookies, forms and password information all deleted, and so on, here, there is only one set of items, that is, check "remove personalization", set, press "Reset"

6, reset may take more than 10 seconds, there are four steps to complete, after completion, press the "close", if you want to reset the settings immediately after the entry into force, it is necessary to restart the browser, to see if the search box is restored.

Hint: This kind of recovery method is not all valid, may have the version IE or system different repair, my browser for IE8, system xp,32 bit.

  IE browser search box missing solution Step two: Use IE repair tool to repair

1, if the use of IE browser itself can not repair the problem, no way, had to use software to repair, you can search the Internet "IE repair tool", download to the disk, decompression and install it to the computer.

2, on the desktop, start IE repair tool, into the IE Repair Tool main interface, on the left of the project, select "Killing Repair" This item, selected, to the right window, click "Immediately repair" this button, start repair.

3, after a large 1-2-minute repair, exit the program, reopen IE browser, into the main interface, you will see the search box has been shown, this note, with IE repair tool repair is successful.

 IE browser search box missing solution step three: Use the Rubik's Cube to repair

1, in the above, has been used to repair the use of IE, why also to introduce the Rubik's Cube repair, and then there is a reason, because after the IE repair tool repair, will put all the settings reset, even the home page has been changed to a blank page, and that tool to register. The following describes the use of the Rubik's cube to repair, it only restores the search box, the other will not have any changes, and is not required to register. First from the Internet to download Rubik's Cube software, the old and new version can be, I used the old version, and then installed to the computer, start it. After entering the main interface of the Rubik's Cube, on the left, select "Apply", because the version is different, there may be some "toolbox" or other items, since the search,

2, into the application interface, in the right window, there are many tools icon, is a variety of gadgets, from which to find the "IE Master" this icon, click to open.

3, enter the IE Management Master interface, because the "search box" is the browser's property settings, so, in the top option, select the "Property settings" item.

4, enter the property settings interface, first find the "IE appearance settings" This item, and then in its options, find "hidden ie search box", its current status is checked.

5, if you want to display the search frame in the browser, you need to remove this check, and then press "Save Settings", if the pop-up settings to save the successful prompt box, the instructions have been repaired, press "OK", and then exit the Rubik's Cube.

6, finally, to open IE browser, in the upper right corner of the browser, the search box has been shown, indicating that the modification of the Rubik's Cube is successful, and. No other task settings were modified.


There are no search box for other reasons, but also may be caused by viruses, if it is caused by viruses, first antivirus, and then use the above method to repair. If the above method is still not resolved, then the IE to uninstall, and then reinstall.

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