Magento website acceleration plug-in: fooman speedster

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Magento website acceleration plug-in: fooman speedster
Accelerate your magento store, compress and cache JS and style sheets.


Combined to accelerate your store, compress and cache JS and style sheets. This extension is used to handle the JavaScript and style sheets for shipment. It leverages Minify library. Released under Steve clay and a BSD license. See the screen placement settings of the attachment before and after my comparison settings.

If you are running the magento <version, use Version 1.1.3 1.4-to extend the release tag.


* JavaScript and CSS are combined into a file.
* Even if no gzip * compression server is supported
* Automatic version Update-each time you create a new URL for a JS/CSS file, the customer's browser will be forced to request a new version (the magento cache must be updated ).
* When magic * is used, ensure that the CSS image is correctly delivered regardless of the packaging/interface and skin.

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