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Article Description: in this article we look at some wonderful single-page web design, which is far more popular than you think. As you enjoy the appearance of these sites, you may wish to click on them to experience some of the great user interface details on the site.

Not every website is complicated or contains a lot of page content information, sometimes a page is enough. But you're going to use a page to create a website, and that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. Developing a Single-page Web site layout requires thinking and planning, no less than some of the more complex sites. It needs to integrate all the same basic elements into a larger site and make people look impressive, and you have to follow the expectations and have clear goals.

There are countless cool moves that can help you design a single page site. Specifically for you to introduce, and recommend related hot articles:)

Visual Difference Scrolling: Scrolling effects are one of the most popular "tricks" in single page design. Flick the mouse, the user does not need to click or jump from the Welcome page to be able to come to a new page. This effect can motivate the user to continue scrolling, reading, interacting with the site, and seeing what happens next (you can learn more about Visual error scrolling in the previous article).

In this article we look at some wonderful single-page web design, which is far more popular than you think. As you enjoy the appearance of these sites, you may wish to click on them to experience some of the great user interface details on the site.

What is a single-page design?


One-page Web site is built in a single window, and the concept of a Single-page site is more based on scrolling than on clicking (although clicking is not forbidden) to browse and read through the site and its content.

A single-page Web site can be as simple as a sheet of paper that matches the browser window and does not need scrolling. But it is not always so. One-page Web site can scroll (of course, do not design the page too long, this is very important, users can not stand).

Simply put, a single-page site is a Web site that contains no links within the domain name and all content is in the main interface.

Why do I choose a single page design?


One-page Web site design has a lot of attention, it is not suitable for each project, it is popular use occasions: Online before the app trailer, with email registration form of the site, Works set display tools, guide users to jump the site, simple display products and information of the company's website.

Single-page sites are often well-designed because they have only one chance-first impressions-to draw attention from cluttered visual landscapes.

This type of page usually applies to sites that do not have a rich content: a Web site that sells a single product, a Web site for another site, app, or product, a small collection of work, or simple information.

Since the design of such web pages is usually highly visual, the text should be kept as concise as possible. A single-page Web site also requires a clear and understandable user interface that allows users to know exactly what they can do with the site.

With the target.





When you start designing a single-page Web site, you have a clear goal. What do you want the user to do on your site? What information should they receive when they browse?

For example, if you are predicting an app, you may want users to provide an email address so that you can tell them when they are posted. If you're selling a set of UI tools, your goal is to turn the traffic into sales, and other behaviors may include: filling out a form, watching a video, going to another site, or more.

Before you start designing, understand what you want users to do, and emphasize it over and over again.

Design Secrets to Success



Now that you know what you want to do with the site, follow these tips and go on the road to release.

First, to create an initial impression. You only have the opportunity to add new users. Your site has to be visually appealing to quickly tell users why they're here;
Second, stay focused. Remember your goals, remove all the small tricks, design elements and copywriting that are in the way;
Third, the use of distinctive visual style. Whether it's a solid color, a picture, or a beautiful photo, choose a great visual performance and use it with a lot of fanfare.
Four, develop a clear navigation. Although you may wonder what you need to navigate--it's just a single-page Web site--Any site that contains many catalogs, forms, and links to various forms needs clear navigation. Use to tell the user what the different buttons are for (especially if he is going to download or buy your product). Even a Web site with a small amount of content needs to have a clear and understandable guide to play a role;
V. Elaborate organization. You will never be able to say what you want in a single-page layout (or space). Abide by what is important and order everything according to the level of importance. Write simple and clear copy, keep editing until the wording is concise, to the point;

Have fun at design time!

Cool tricks and effects






Compared to other types of design "tricks" or trends, a single-page site works only when you specifically customize it, and this style is best suited for limited and visually distinct sites.

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