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In the previous articles on the replacement certificate for VMware products, different OpenSSL configuration commands are used depending on the scenario, and are summarized as follows:


OpenSSL Genrsa 2048 > Rui.key


OpenSSL pkcs12-export-in rui.crt-inkey rui.key-name rui-passout pass:testpassword-out



# Create a certificate request:

OpenSSL Req–new–key rui.key > SITE.CSR

OpenSSL req-new-x509-days 3650-key server.key-out server.crt-subj "/c=cn/st=mykey/l=mykey/o=mykey/ou=mykey/cn=domai N1/cn=domain2/cn=domain3 "

# get key file from PFX file:

OpenSSL pkcs12-in site.pfx-nocerts-nodes-out Site.key

# Get CRT files from PFX file:

OpenSSL pkcs12-in site.pfx-clcerts-nokeys-out site.crt

# Merge CRT and key for PFX:

OpenSSL pkcs12–export–in site.crt–inkey site.key–name site–passout pass:testpassword–out

# Convert certificates into PKCS12 format

OpenSSL pkcs12-export-in Server.cer-inkey server.key-out server.p12

# Convert certificate format to JKS format

Keytool-importkeystore-srcstoretype Pkcs12-srckeystore Server.p12-destkeystore Server.jks

# Conversion of pkcs#12 to PEM

OpenSSL pkcs12-in yourcert.pfx-out youcert.pem–nodes

# PEM to pkcs#12 conversion,

OpenSSL pkcs12-export-in cert.pem-out Cert.p12-inkey Key.pem

# turn a PFX without a password

OpenSSL pkcs12-export-in vcops.cer-inkey vcops.key-name vcops-out vcops.pfx

# PFX pack PEM with no password

OpenSSL pkcs12-in Vcops.pfx-inkey vcops.key-out vcops.pem-nodes

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